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Host: friends, pre-diabetics have good news that Diabetes is reversible. Tricks are very simple which I tell you. You have to adopt healthy lifestyle, do exercise, good diet-plan. If you are not able to do so then you have to accompany Doctor Gaurav Sharma who is India’s no. 1 lifestyle doctor and a famous Diabetologist. If you are thinking about the better option then, I think, the company of Dr. Gaurav Sharma will be very convenient for you.

Diabetes reversal may be possible for pre-diabetics.  You have made us understood a lot and our spectators also know it very well. They also say that direct interaction with the doctor has made our life very comfortable. If you think that you are pre-diabetic then don’t keep any suspicion. Just call us to find the solution.

Doctor, I just want to know about pre-diabetics and the symptoms that lead to Diabetes.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: As I have discussed earlier, if your blood sugar levels are very high, then you loose your weight that is something separate thing. As far as pre-diabetics are concerned, there are signs that indicate you are a diabetic. First, if you have fats around your tummy, you have a history of diabetic relatives and if you eat little food, even that hikes your weight, those people have to pay attention and test to their insulin level.  The deposition of fats around your tummy is a great symptom of Diabetes that points to insulin-resistance. Those who have slim waist, they should not get worried since 1 out of 10 or 20 such person will become affected with Diabetes. The fatty tummy will be insulin resistant that proceeds to pre-Diabetes which further progresses to Diabetes as your age increases.

Host: Dr., as you said that the circumference of waist enhances. Usually, you have noticed that boys and girls, both, begin to grow fat. The fat begins to accumulate on their tummy; should they, too, begin to think?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Well, if they will not think then they will have to face the problem. And later, it will be difficult to manage Diabetes. What happens actually, when sugar is infused in our body, though, not in the form of roti or oat-meal, it breaks down into blood sugar. When it breaks down, the extraction of energy needs hormone called ‘insulin’. When insulin becomes weak then it converts extra-calories into fat. The conversion of fat, especially around the tummy, causes Diabetes.  

Caller  I: I have been a diabetic since last 6 weeks and it is detected as ‘170’.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Is your blood sugar level 170 marked after or before having meal?

Caller  I: After having meal.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: What are the levels before taking meal?

Caller  I: 145

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Your blood sugar levels are not extended to such extent and your Diabetes is fresh. The reversal of it should not be very difficult.

Caller  I: I confront the problem of tiredness or feel fatigues after taking meal.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Yes, It comes under common symptoms of Diabetes as you have your meal as you begin to feel tired and sleepy. These specify that your insulin is releasing very vastly. You might be facing this problem for few years, is it so?

Caller  I: This problem has been affecting me for 1and half or 2 years. I took it lightly and in hilarious way that I feel tired when i eat after doing hefty work. Then, my friend advised me to go for test since it might be of sugar.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: I feel your friend is very intelligent. If you would have met us two years ago then we would have informed you earlier that you are going to be a diabetic. These are all the symptoms of pre-Diabetes. You have to use ‘Diabetplus’ for sure and introduction of ‘Diabetall’ will bring you fastest results. You can stop the consumption of ‘Diabetall’ after 15 days. Afterwards, resume the consumption of ‘Diabetplus’. You have to make changes in your lifestyle. You will get free diet- plan which is absolutely free. I have planned that diet plan personally. We will give you diet-plans, recipes and exercise plan also. Consultation will be fixed with Diabetes educators. Lifetime support will be given to you. You can talk to us. We will sort out. We will not charge extra for these services as we wish to improve your condition.

Caller  I: Dr., are these medicines?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: These are food supplements. These are better than medicines but these are nutritious food supplements.

Caller  I: Miy age is 37 and people scare me saying that Diabetes causes lack of vision, amputation of feet. Is it true?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Absolutely, you said the absolute truth. And if you will not address it at early stage then the foretold consequences will surely be confronted. If you have talked to us then you should not be scared. When your H1A1C test will be detected below 6 then you will come under non-diabetic range within next 3 months as I claim it. 

Host: Call now if you want the consultation of Dr. Gaurav Sharma. He will be in your town if you want. We will inform you time to time about when he will come to your town. It’s very difficult doctor, to come for continuous consultation. How is it possible and how do you suggest to them?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: We can make them understand from distance, that’s why we have appointed some Diabetes educators (nutritionists) who are meant for dealing with Diabetes. You can discuss with us because diet and exercises are to be recommended. Alongside, we have to inform them to set their mind, to monitor blood sugar for overlooking the progress in treatment. From where my demand will be high, I will come there.

Host: So, it is important to book for appointment in advance. People often think if these food supplements are medicine or what will these do that look like the things to blend and drink with milk. Please unveil the matter so that people would come to know.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: This is a very practical question. We have reinforced earlier frequently that there are separate categories under which licencing is to be provisioned. Allopathic medicines come in the category of Pharma or Pharmaceutical industry. Another is Ayurveda in which Ayurvedic products come. There are homeopathic products which are to be licenced. There are few pharma products which comprise of nutrients. We have kept them simple for not making them complicated. But the effect is far better than the medicines. We have so many success stories. In future when we will do clinical research, that day we will say that it’s a drug. There has been some fraud people who have ran away within few months. But we don’t want to do such fraud. We clearly say that these are food supplements which do miracle. You will see the reduction of 20 to 30 milligram per deciliter within 7 to 10 days. 50 to 70 milligram per deciliter reduction will be provided within one month. Your energy level will boost up, lethargy will go out and end-product would be neutralized by antioxidants. You have chromium for attaching to receptor; you have zinc for glucose metabolism.        

Caller  II: I am 34 and a diabetic. I take home remedy. Can Diabetes be treated with home remedy?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Home remedies are good. We have already said to drink the fenugreek soaked water and you can chew its seeds also. But these remedies work very least. We have brought these in concentrated or extracted form. Thus, we have filed for patents for these. Home remedies do some good but if you want some serious result and reverse your Diabetes then you have to take ‘Diabetplus’ and ‘Diabetall’. For carrying on home remedies, you can have fenugreek seeds and cinnamon in your vegetable. You can have a sap of ‘Vijaysar’ in the morning. We have 21 herbal extracts in concentrated form in the capsules. Home remedies can be advantageous for Diabetes management. Diabetes reversal is possible only through intake of our food supplements.

Host: There is difference between Diabetes reversal and Diabetes management. People think that they are in reversal mode of Diabetes after imitating few tips of healthy lifestyle from ambiance. But they should understand that this is Diabetes management but not it’s reversing.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: I have been repeating to awake and become aware about the severity of the problem. Don’t take it easy. When you take an allopathic pill throughout the year for Diabetes, it causes insulin resistance that further adds more pills. After 10 to 15 years, the pills stop working, sexual problems trigger, fat begins to get deposited on tummy and organ damage also begins to occur.  Thereafter, insulin is to be taken externally. People reluctantly switch to it as it needs to be placed in cool place for avoiding its spoilage. Then, injecting insulin also creates some complication. Besides, the fear of becoming hypoglycemia also ticks nerves and you cannot eat food adequately. Apart from so many challenges, these remedial tricks also stop working that leads to organ damage and eventually, death occurs. This is called ‘Living being Diabetes’. We challenge it and call it ‘reversing Diabetes’ via scientific ways. If you will give us proper and accurate feedback then nothing is impossible.

Host: Our viewers know that you will treat them scientifically and they don’t bother about other technologies.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: If you think whatever we are saying has solid ground then, call and meet me. Afterwards, we will ensure you how to reverse Diabetes instead of getting stuck away by the pretentious Saints or babas. If your heart says to use these food supplements then follow it and if these seems senseless and you wait for ‘cure’ then keep on waiting as no cure has been invented yet.

Host: Everyone say that doctor Gaurav Sharma is India’s no.1 lifestyle doctor who can improve your lifestyle and famous Diabetologist. He understands the intricacies of Diabetes and makes you understand them just like a kid. So, don’t be fool and become prey to superstition. Therefore, if you think there is any truth in our saying then trust and keep on communicating with us for sorting out every complication or shortcoming in our prescription.

Caller  II:  I have been taking your tablets for three months. My levels was 500 which has come down to  127 at fasting and 132 PP after taking for three month of your tablets.  So I I want to say you ‘thanks’.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: God is very kind over you and I am wordless as your results are very good. I want to convey my thanks to you also as you have taken control of your life and we managed to save life of one diabetic. I want that you should make your success multiply by making other people aware.

Caller  II: I always recommend everyone the capsules you have prescribed and the result I attained after taking these food supplements.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Alongside, you should inform to pay attention to your meal and exercise and try to change your lifestyle since it becomes very difficult to control Diabetes after entering to the worse phase of it.

From where are you talking?

Caller  II: From Ahmadabad.

Host: Such kind of calls boost us and we come to know whatever we are doing is correct. 

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: We receive such calls every day. It’s very difficult for people to talk to me. But I am very happy that I am able to talk to them. I say frequently that these are fuel or petrol of our wagon that charges us and we stand with new hope that we will change one new life. If you too, are diabetic then think again. My support will always be with you. My team of specialists will always be there to help you.

Host: Doctor educates and informs you also. We often connect our other health problems with Diabetes since we watch health show or get knowledge from surrounding.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Definitely, there are so many people who suffer from cataract. Their eyesight becomes weak. Earlier, our grandparents used to undergo such complications but now, we have people under 40s and 50s who confront the same problem.

Caller  III: My wife has been taking food supplements and her levels are 78 at fasting and 120 after eating meal. The dose of allopathic medicine has been reduced.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: How much have you cut down?

Caller  III: Just half pill is taken now.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: When the level will calm down below 120 then cut down the rest dose. What were your levels before?

Caller  III: It was 130 at fasting and 180 after taking food.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Your results are good. You have to attend your diet properly.

Caller  III: Though my wife is taking food supplement but still she has pain in her knee.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Meet me and we will discuss your case thoroughly.  We will come to your village.

Host: Diabetes used to be a big problem to be reversed earlier. But after joining Dr. Gaurav Sharma, it is confirmed that Diabetes reversal is a very easy process. The patients who have undergone his treatment are the testimonies conveying how easy reversal of Diabetes is.