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Shaabri Mantras & Remedies for Security



Upen Sharma, the Reiki master, informs Shaabar Mantra & solutions. Thought conveying words are known as Mantra. Our wishes get fulfilled by chanting Mantra. The cited mantra coming out of sanctified heart reaches to god directly. The way in which mantras should be chanted is taught under the guidance of guru only. The number of times a mantra should be chanted for fulfillment of desire is called Purashchin. Afterwards, Keelan (to end its curse) & havana are to be followed respectively. For protecting self, country, as saints used to do during penance, or recovering from abnormal disease, on ought to cite this mantra 108 times a day, ‘आगे दो झिलमिली पीछे दो नन्द, रक्षा सीता राम की रखवाले हनुमंत; हनुमान हनुमंता, आवत मूठ करो नौखण्डा; साँकर तोड़ो लौह की फारो वज्र किवाड़, अंजर किले मंजर किले ऐसे रोग हाथ से ढील;े मेरी भक्ति गुरु की शक्ति गुरो मंत्र ईश्वर वाचा’. Then, for stopping over expenditure or excessive outflow of cash, you ought to mix guggal in desi ghee.  Then, add little gurochan in solid turmeric & keep it preserved in a glass bowl at work place. For Vastu dosha (defect) or Shaap Vimochan (curse elimination), being blessed with a child along with prosperity, donate mercury (para) to Shivalinga seven Friday. You ought to discharge 1.25 kg jaggery (gur) in flowing water on three Sunday. Offer mishri dissolved water to the Sun to end conflicts inflicting the relationship of the son and the father