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Reversing Diabetes | Tips for Diabetics



Host: Friends, a  research tells that diabetes bring so many complications with it, for example heart disease, gum problems, nerve disorder, and in case you don't take the way  of reversing diabetes then this very same problem becomes more callous and pull you closer to death. If you have been switched to the way of 'Reversing Diabetes' then this is the opportunity to save your life through this 'reversing diabetes' programme. We have India's no.1 lifestyle doctor and famous  diabetologist 'Dr. Gaurav Sharma'.

Doctor, we always notice the problem of multiple organ failure, heart, diseases, leg amputation, i mean to say,diabetes is one that invites many disease along with it, how?  

Dr. Gaurav Sharma:Absolutely, diabetes is a complex condition. As we say, heart disease used to be the biggest threat to health in the last century and in this century, people are suffering from diabetes. The address of this disease is quite complicated since it is progressive disease that goes on causing serious damage by the days, that may be within 5 or 10 or 15 or 20 years. And to deal with that serious damage becomes a difficult job. Earlier, you have asked if the patient at the level of dialysis can be saved, then we said 'no', we cannot save them. But if you talk to us, we can advise you over it. I want to share with you what we eat doesn't change into blood sugar and insulin doesn't carry it into the cells. Thus, cells do not get energy. Those extra calories float in our body and begin to make free radicals in different organs. Free radicals damage the cells that leads to damage of nerves, lens and arteries. Therefore, you may loose your vision, wounds do not manage to heal, amputation occurs, Kidney may fail and you may die one day. Diabetes is a slow poison. And at certain it becomes irreversible disease.

A diabetes patient should keep his range below 120. Thence, you should cut off the dose of oral hypogycemics by 1/4th gradually. And thereafter, stop taking oral hypoglycemics. We have made a remarkable product called 'diabetol' which is a powdered form of superconcentrated herbs. Introduce this for meeting fast results as improvement. Your insulin will be sensitized and the blood sugar level will improve as diabetes will be stopped. Diabetplus will be given with it since it has vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and the power of herbs. As the blood sugar level will go on diminishing as you will see good results within 3 or 4 days. Within few days, we will give you tasty 'pineapple drink' within few days.

Make people aware of their health and check your blood sugar level for diagnosing diabetes. The users of our products namely 'Diabetall' and 'Diabetplus', are the real publicity  doer since we put forth only the facts and information. It is important to understand that diabetes is a lifestyle disease neither an infectious one.Infectious disease can be cured but lifestyle disease sits inside our diabolism that can be corrected and reversed slowly. But it cannot be cured. If any doctor is saying that it can be cured then he is making you fool.

The chronic kidney disease (as said by the patient) is a complication relating to diabetes which is called diabetic nephropathy. If your diabetes has reached to nephropathy, then it becomes tough to reverse that stage. The doctor and scientists can not do any thing when your condition reaches to dialysis level. So, please consult the doctors or specialists before reaching to critical level. But the quantity of protein in our urine tells that the kidney has started to go on declining stage. The initial stage of it can be reversed but later, if the quantity of creatinine and urea increases then our kidneys do not filter. At this stage, no reversing is possible.

If your blood sugar level is on 1.8 then you have entered to diabetic nephropathy. The general diet plan is available to our all service seekers and clients but if you want to have diet plan for diabetic nephropathy , extra charges are mandatory to be paid. If your blood sugar level will calm down to 1.1 or below then you will be exempted  from any risk. Include 1 small spoon 'Diabetol' thrice a day for quickly fixing to your detrimental condition. Monitor your blood sugar level and go for testing the level of urea and creatinine

We can't cure but reverse diabetes. Since the world relies on the hope and if a diabetic patient takes diabetall and diabetplus with intensive care and caution then, reversing from dialysis is possible.

The patients should go though checking of blood sugar level twice a week on fasting and twice on PP. The inflammation or swollen feet with pain indicates the symptoms of diabetes. They should go on brisk walk and exercises. Add diabetol twice a day.

Reversing is possible in diabetes. So, stay tuned with doctor Gaurav Sharma and his show.