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Reversing Arthritis



Reversing Arthritis

Host: We don’t have any possession over birth and death. Then why don’t we adorn our life. Arthritis can be reversed. It paralyses the life. I want to know doctor, how do you reverse it and how do you create faith in people?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: As far as conceiving faith is concerned, no one has ever witnessed the god. But still people have trust that he will end their grief. And Atheist will not trust over god even though he will come in real before them. Similarly, those who find relief in their problem they build up trust on us that they are reliable and trustworthy.

Caller I: I am Rajiv from Kanpur. I had severe pain in my knee. I watched your program and placed order for one bottle. After having it, I felt the difference. Following to it, I had another one. I am 38-year-old. I do have pain in my ankle since I have to work while roaming around on feet.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: You are not too aged. I am happy to know that your knees have felt the difference in their condition. You ought to have it one more month for reversing the Arthritis. If you can, you ought to do cycling since it brings more relief in knee pain. Alongside, you ought to talk to our experts. They will guide you. Along, you ought to introduce ‘SUJI’. It will cause effect instantly.

Host: Commonly, Arthritis is of two kinds. What are those two?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Look, Arthritis is a degenerative disease which is called Osteoarthritis and second is rheumatoid Arthritis. Its pain shoots in our joints of toes and fingers. There are typical signs of it as stiffness when we wake up. As the day proceeds as the pain reduces.  I say you just one thing that there is no cure of Arthritis. However, the medicine I have discovered is for type 1 but the patients of rheumatoid also feels relieved in their problem by this. So just try it once and do cycling essentially. 

Host: We feel pain mostly in winter season. Is it the effect of Arthritis?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Yes, of course. As the weather changes as it causes effect on our pain. When it is cold, people rub any warming ointment. But it causes momentary effect. But if you will try SUJIs then you will feel relief and it will be within 2 minutes. It’s a magic.

Host: How does SUJIs work?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: It has deep penetrating formula gives relief in pain. It is prepared with the juice of many knots of ginger, turmeric and it brings relief via completely natural way immediately. Its 1 kg is prepared after extracting its 400 kg.

Host:  How do you regenerate the cartilage between two bones when it ends up?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: I want to inform my viewers as we advance with the age as our cartilage of knee begins to abrade or due to overuse of our knees. When   it abrades, our bones also begin to abrade. Then we started research over protogeny; extracted rosolic acid from Guggal along with other herbs as turmeric and ginger. Alongside, you ought to spray SUJIs for better relief.  

Caller II: I am speaking from Delhi. My sister has been suffering from Osteoarthritis for 5 years. Her condition did not improve despite immense treatment. I saw your program and order your product which made difference to her condition. Her age is 45-year. I want to know till how long she has to take it?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Yes, people in 45 have been undergoing this problem. The patients ought to take it for three months and if they don’t see any difference then they have to have it for three more months. Alongside, spray SUJIs for more relief. You ought to consult this with an expert for guidance.

Caller: A new disease is inflicting our new generation that is metacarpalage due to which our toes inflame.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: This is metacarpal symptom. One thing more is added to it that is infliction in wrist that hit in old age. It happens due to working on keyboard for many hours. If you stay busy on phone for many hours then it affects your thumbs. That’s why we suggest Arthritis plus, so that you can stay away from this disease. You ought to have it for more and better relief. It will not inflict you in long term.

Caller III: I am Ritika from Delhi. Sir, I am the patient of Osteoarthritis and my age is 25. I call for this supplement and took Arthritis plus also. I got results and now I suggest it to my friends also.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: This disease has inflicted you in very small age. I think it is the consequence of any knee injury of childhood. But I am very happy that you are fine now. Take this for three months.

Host: How much dose should be taken or is it separate for everyone? 

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: First thing I will say that it is really the matter of concern that you have Arthritis at such a tender age of 25. I must say if you will take it, the result will surely be seen. Anyhow, there is just one method of taking it. Take 2 pills each in the morning and in the evening. You may have to take it for 13 or 6 or 9 months also but within 3 months, you will see the difference.

Host: People rush to chemist when any small problem hits them but if it so effective medicine then, why don’t chemist have it?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: It is the medicine that is changing life of the people. It is not sold to chemist since they will charge their own commission and then the charges for distributors will also be there. Hence, its cost increases that is incurred by the consumers eventually. And people are already very woeful. I also don’t want that people pirate this product and make duplicate of it as I don’t want to play with the life of those.

Host: Very true. Ok Dr. Sharma, tell me, from where do you get motivation to prepare such foods supplements that you discover?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: There are 22 new products in the pipeline. My patients cry while discussing their health problems. We are doing this work not only in India but across the globe. People call us from abroad. I want to tell people not to take Arhtritis plus and SUJIs . But you ought to do cycling, eat raw papaya and don’t sit in aircondition’s low temperature. You will notice the difference.