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Reiki treatment, training by jagmohan sachdeva



  Reiki conducts divine energy in our body. Reiki has been originated from Japan and is rediscovered by Dr. Macau Usui. Reiki is a compound word existing in Japanese. It is formed with 'Re' and 'Ki'. The prefix 'Re' stands for universal and 'ki' means energy. There are many synonyms of reiki which are pronounced as 'Chi' and 'Prana'. The universal force imbued in this universe can be named as 'Reiki'. For instance, Ram dwells in every atom surrounding us. It has acquired the state of energy instead of existing in any physical state. Reiki is the similar force imbued in this universe. By utilizing reiki treatment, we can remediate any kind of psychological, physical and spiritual diseases. Reiki treatment is the medium through which we can enhance the level of energy and vigour in universe as well as in our body respectively.

The negative energy sprung through annoyance or frustration, pollution. vastu defect and related to astrological aspect can be terminated by reiki treatment. All divine forces are housed inside and all chakras, along with the flow of energy, are existing inside us but the need is there to know them and to unite it with the ultimate power. As the supply from that ultimate force will come to us as the conduction of energy will begin to move in. No sooner the positive vibes will enhance inside as negative vibes will go out automatically. As the person with negative energy would move inside the place where positive energy is spread in the ambience of the authorized study centre of alternate science, an imbalance is created due to which the aspirant faces difficulties while adjusting as per atmosphere. All concepts are based on energy till the date today. When there seems any astrological defect troubling a person, it is supposed that the negative vibes might be dispersing from that particular planet and casting negative impact upon the person.

You can terminate the negative effect of the energy via reiki treatment, the divine force.Changes will do occur in life having done so definitely. Vastu depends upon the location of each and every thing and the room. Most preferably, the kitchen should be built in the southeast. But if it is constructed in the northeast, i.e. the place of water,negative vibes will begin to discharge from there continuously affecting every occupant.But the alteration via reconstruction is difficult to be done. Remedial effect of Vastu solution is manifested after 2 ,4 or 6 months but gradually begin to lose its impact. Through reiki healing, the negative impact can be dispelled easily without making any amendment as in happens in reconstruction. Energy level is traced and charged via crystals and pyramids for resurrection.As high the frequency would be as high the vibes would be generated. It's the tendency of the crystals. This charging for correcting vastu defect is done either through own or under 'revisit programme'. In revisit programme, the level of charge is enhanced in two, three or four visits.