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Reiki for Past Life Regression



Past life regression recalls the deeds those have been performed by you during early life-span or in early birth. Entertained with joy or undergoing trauma are the outcome of the past life. The fruit of deeds performed in past is harvested in present and the result of the deeds performing presently will be blessed in future.

'Reiki for Past Life Regression' is the only therapy to peep into the past of an individual. Health disorders, such as tooth decay, are caused due to ignorance shown to your health in the past duration. Reiki for past life regression enables you to analyze the actual cause of exhibiting deformity or malfunctioning because of past karmas. This therapy releases the burden of sufferings gradually. It acts as 'panacea' in recovering from any kind of phobia or fear.

Past Life Regression can be done using Hypno therapy, meditation, mind programming or reiki. Because of recent research Past Life Regression can also be carried out through Tarot cards. Reiki for past life regressionProgression therapy is reaching to the height of popularity. Along with knowing about past, prospective acts can be set as programming of mind.

Progression works out in two manners- first, to know about the future and second, to create future as per your own desire. Alteration through Progression Therapy is positively possible in life, just faith matters in this regard.

Future is revealed through Nadi-Shastra taking thumb-impression. Saint Bhrigu utilized this Progression Therapy in the past for revamping the future of individuals by listening the voice of insight.A little meditation along with your contribution can work wonder of making amendments in our prospective activities while conducting Progression therapy.

The solidification of Pitt in Gall-bladder creates stones. Activate the uppermost joint of the left index finger using acupressure machine till 3 to 5 minutes. When the Prithvi element rises in Gall bladder then stones are created. Hence, we have to reduce the prithvi element while enhancing agni element in order to melt the stone. So, apply four magnets, i.e. yellow and white.

The problem of stones gives rise to acidity sometimes. Thus, stimulate the gall-bladder point on the palm just below liver point using acupressure machine. Applying five star magnets following to activation will get instant relief to acidity and pain in gall-bladder.  In reiki, Solar Plexus chakra is the controller of stone-formation. For curing stones, fatty liver and rise in cholesterol level in liver, you have to energize a yellow crystal by rubbing between both palms and recalling your preferable deity. Afterwards, heal your solar plexus chakra for 15 to 20 minutes everyday. Drinking charged water by soaking 7 crystals overnight will also help to reduce cholesterol level and stones. The duration of stone removal will depend upon its size. 4 mm stone can be removedor dissolved in three months generally. For learning hypno-therapy, keep negative programmes at bay and join it 2 days' basic class and practice session will take 21 days. Reiki for height gain is less effective than that of acupressure therapy. One has to activate 10 specific points on both hands and then, magnets are applied overnight so that brain's pituitary gland would secrete height hormones