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Reiki For Healing Chakras



The ultimate source of energy and vigour are seven chakras. These enhance the energy level of our body by utilizing the energy imbued in this universe. We have to examine the specific chakra that is disrupting healing health disorder via Reiki. Reiki for healing chakras briefs as you strengthen your chakras by testifying them as the perfection is achieved.

The lowermost chakra is termed as mool adhar chakra. Reiki for healing chakra states any kind of ailment relating to kidney, muscles, nerves and bones are caused due to weak mool adhar chakra.

In this context along with the wish fulfillment of materialistic growth, reiki for healing chakra suggests healing via red coloured crystal. Any disorder of reproductory system, uro-genital system, intestine is caused due to weak 'Sacral chakra'. Therefore, reiki for healing chakras suggests energizing that chakra using orange crystal. This is also effective in treating night fall, less sperm count, lack or excessive sexual desire. This chakra maintains the heat of the body.

As per reiki for healing chakras,  the base of our body's energy is solar plexus chakra. The diseases affecting spleen, digestive system and pancreas are sprung due to weak solar chakra. Gas, acidity, constipation and loose motion are the common problems. According to reiki for healing chakras, these troubles begin due to inactive solar plexus chakra. Yellow coloured crystal heals solar plexus chakra. It is also beneficial for the arrogant individuals under reiki for healing chakras.

Green colour symbolizes heart chakra. As per reiki for healing chakras, you can heal your heart chakra using green crystal. Asthma, lungs and heart related malfunctioning or blockage in arteries, low level of confidence, stammering problem, triggering nervousness or feeling deprived due to loneliness are cured by healing heart chakra. These are healed by using green and pink coloured crystals under reiki for healing chakras.

Reiki for healing chakras points an uncontrollable aggression, weak communication skill, lacking confidence, thyroid, hypo and hyper thyroid or any problem in trachea can be combated by energizing 'throat chakra'.Blue coloured crystal is used to energize this chakra via reiki for healing chakras.

Reiki for healing chakras indicates exaggerated aggression, confused in selecting direction in life, subdue to addiction are triggered through 'third eye chakra'. It is also known as 'Aagya chakra' in Hindi language as per reiki for healing chakras. Indigo or violet coloured crystal is used to heal it. Crown chakra is stimulated through violet coloured crystal under reiki for healing chakras.