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Pyramids in Vastu | Vastu Tips | Feng Shui Tips



There should not be any religious place in front of the house whether it’s a temple, mosque, church, cremation ground etc. Even the shadow of the religious place should not fall on your house. There should not be a commercial building in front of your house say a hotel, hospital or a politician’s house. This would lead to no benefits and more problems. Some people put a photograph of three women in the bedroom which is wrong as it indicates the unwanted entry and intrusion of a woman in your family. There should be one mattress on the double bed. For that you can stitch another mattress at home and place it on top of the two mattresses. Try that the bed sheet should be of yellow color for financial prosperity. You can put another bed sheet on top of it. The place of worship or any photograph of the God should not be in the bedroom. In south-east, a pair of violet color candles can be put. In south-west, double happiness symbol and mandarin doves can be put for good husband-wife relationship. ‘Wish pyramid’ is two pyramids meant for fulfilling your wish. You have to place your photograph between the two pyramids such that your face is clearly visible. Then, tie a roli/ mauli or a red rubber band on it. You have to say your wish everyday 9 times at one time only, till 49 days, facing east. The wish should be something that can be possible. There should be one wish and not a single day should be missed.