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Play Of Colours In Our Life



Dr. Arti Verma, the energy consultant of Aushadhhi, unfolds the vitality of colours in life. Being the vibration of light & energy stimulator, seven rays of colours represent spiritual forces that tell specific story, purpose & character. Signifying activity, life, vitality, danger, warmth & heat, red colour exaggerates energy, enthusiasm & interest.

Symbolising creativity, curiosity & exploration, Orange colour is enriched with dynamic energy in a very thoughtful & controlled manner. This hue dispels stress easily. Igniting orange candle for seven nights can make the difference in serious conditions. Being the colour of might, clarity and awareness, yellow colour triggers mental growth & enables to come out of depression, nervousness. Growth and balance can be induced with green colour. Blue colour signifies relaxation. It helps in improving communication by unblocking the channels to let the energy vibrate.

Bridging finite to infinite, Indigo colour paves way to the mystic world. With this colour,  psychic abilities and intuitive power along with communication with self, focus, wisdom, self realization, self awareness can be enhanced. Violet colour indicates high spiritual growth, love for humanity & idealism. Considered as the void of colour, black colour connects you to the unknown, unseen & restful emptiness.