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Past Life Regression



Past Life Regression represents the recalling skill of the occurred events in past or early life. Past life indicates the term of life that has been passed and early births. The suffering or gain till the date today is all because of the past occurrences as per theory of past life regression. For instance, becoming wealthy or poor is an outcome of past happenings in this life. The fruit of past life is ripened and harvested today in return of our karmas.

Past Life Regression enables you to peep into the past. It helps in noticing whether the current suffering is an outcome of this life's past or it belongs to early birth. The problems, we encounter today, have some link to our passed or early life. We all have taken birth to make settlement that are due to us. The sufferings, that we are undergoing today, must not be inflicted on other since they are the consequences of our past life's deeds. Some people don't exercise and frequently munch the food of their choice. Their weight exaggerates gradually while some don't brush after eating sweet or at night before going to bed; hence, their teeth begins decaying. Therefore, every suffering has been oozing out of the ignorance we paid earlier in life.

Past Life Regression therapy helps you to evoke the vivid picture of your past due to which you are suffering today. Along, we have derived some systems through which the amendments can be done in our karmas causing present sufferings. Having gone through Past Life Regression, past karmas are released. Thus, your sufferings will begin ending gradually.

Past Life Regression acts as 'panacea' in combating phobia or scare or fear. Past life regression therapy can be done through meditation and hypno-therapy.

Now, a new technique of tarot-card has been introduced. The method is utilized for progression. What would be the result of the actions, we are performig today, are a part of progession therapy. The prospective incidents as per your wish can be created through this therapy. Progression works in two ways. First, 'what's in prospective life' and 'what will be our desire or goal' to be achieved. It must be understood that there are various things in our life to which we can change. Progression works miraculously by settling the matters those are underlying projects formed by our subconscious mind.

Thumb impressions are used to reveal the past prospective life in Nadi- Shastra. The genesis of this progression therapy is done by Bhrigu rishi who utilized progression therapy in the ancient era by evoking the picture of the future. He visualized the acknowledgement of all creatures' name and thumb impressions likely to take birth in future. It was also the part of progression therapy. A bit of yoga,meditation and association can make you learn progression therapy.

When the pitt inside gall bladder gets frozen, it creates stone. Stones can be removed from gall bladder through acupressure therapy. You have to activate the uppermost joint of the left index finger using acupressure machine till 3 to 5 minutes in order to generate energy level. Stone is formed due to increase of earth element inside.

As per Ayurvedic assumption, you have to reduce cough and increase pitt while maintaining heat there. After stimulation, yellow magnet should be fixed at its outer edge parallel to thumb and white magnet at opposite edge of the joint. At the back, which two more same magnets will be pasted. These will calm down the level of earth element and enhance the level of heat.

Acidity or pain due to stone in gall bladder can also be cured by activating the gall bladder point on the palm using machine; afterwards, paste five magnets at the same points. Solar plexus chakra is the controller of liver and gall bladder as per reiki.

As per reiki for fatty liver & increased cholesterol in liver can be treated by yellow coloured crystal that would be energized for 3 to 5 minutes through the power of your consciousness and deity. For implementing reiki for fatty liver, energize your solar plexus chakra by placing this magnetized crystal on it for 15 to 20 minutes everyday. Drinking magnetized water of 7 crystals will cast magnificent effect on your digestive system, liver and gall bladder after executing reiki for fatty liver. 22 mm stone was reduced to 9 mm in three months gall bladdder after undergoing this therapy.

Learning Hypno-therapy is not a hard nut to crack provided that mind should not be programmed negatively. Within 2 day's session, the basics of hypno-therapy are taught afterwards, you have to practice it yourself during 21 days' practice session. Hypno-therapy can also be learnt through VCD under distant learning programme. You can change programming of your mind by yourself through this highly effective hypno-therapy. This therapy will feed programme for strengthening the power of your mind. it would make you capable of doing any hard physical work that would be difficult despite having lean and thin body. Stay away from negative programming, especially the astrologers.

Acupressure for height gain is the most effective therapy that ensures height gain. Ten specific points located on both hands are to be activated using acupressure machine to execute acupressure for height gain. Follow the chart to know the points where stimulation is given and then, magnets are stuck on them. So that, pituitary glands of brain would secrete height hormone under acupressure for height gain. Thus, the height increases. Along with acupressure kit, a VCD is alo despatched to let you know the points on your hands to be activated as per guidelines of acupressure for height gain