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Obesity | Height Gain | Skin Problem



How to beat the heat of the summer?

  • Do ‘Suryanamaskar’ everyday.
  • Prohibit drinking chilled water. Instead, prefer tap water.
  • Don’t sit in A.C right after coming out of the sun. Take some time to adjust your body temperature in normal atmospheric condition and then move into A.C. room.
  • Enjoy buttermilk in which roasted cumin seeds and asafetida have been poured, eat onion and melon as melon contains 0% cholesterol.

Height Gain

  • Drink the juice of tomato, carrot and beetroot every day to bring Height Gain.
  • You can have pomegranate juice daily for height gain as it increases till the age of 23 approximately.

Skin problem

  • Apply the paste of fuller earth (multani mitti) with milk, honey and turmeric mixed before taking bath for curing skin problem and radiant skin.

Dhat problem

  • You can make order to the institution for the complete package made for curing this disease. Take it till 5 to 6 months continuously for eradicating it from your body.
  • Take dried and churned powder of ‘Guler’ every day.
  • Eat melon, watermelon and even their seeds as well for combating this problem.
  • Apply the paste of fuller earth on stomach and lower abdomen.


  • Drink warm water after every meal.
  • Drink pumpkin juice to come down obesity.
  • Drink a glass of warm water in which 2 or 3 lemon will be squeezed with honey in the morning.
  • Do ‘Suryanamaskar’ in the morning every day.
  • Wrap wet bandage tightly around your stomach and cover it with a shawl to cure obesity.