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Natural Sweetener for Diabetics



Host: You know Diabetes is just a small word but this word causes confoundedness. We begin to fear if we may be suffering from Diabetes or not. And if the doctor confirms that we are diabetic then ground slips under the feet because this is a problem that is inflicting from inside but not from outside. How should this problem be tackled? What changes should be made in lifestyle? Do you have these similar questions? Do fear from Diabetes but don’t be flinched because of it. We have India’s no.1 Diabetologist and famous lifestyle doctor Dr. Gaurav Sharma.    

Well doctor, when a patient comes to know that he is a diabetic then the very first question strikes to his mind. He/ she thinks “oh no, I have to leave the sweet.” It’s easy to leave the dessert, sweetmeat but leaving sugar in tea or coffee is very difficult. What do you have to say about this?  

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Well absolutely, this problem is practical indeed. Many of our patients frequently sent their request to me and we, too, had been researching and doing hardwork over it for years. A good news is there for our viewers that we are launching a sweetener which is named as ‘Sweet Joy’. It’s a very interesting name as we have added liquorice’ sweet extract. We have been suggesting our patients instead of taking artificial sweetener, take stevia since the prohibited sweetener have drawbacks. They are causing so many health damages as headache, skin allergies and in future if it leads to cancer then you never know. Earlier, we used to say that plant a stevia in your house or take dried leaves of it for stirring it in the tea. The major problem or complaint was that it has bitterness. We have extracted the sweet part of it via a complex technology. We have isolated the factions from liquorice and launching in the form of drop or liquid form. Drop it in your tea and have it. The mulaithi or liquorice soothes the throat and people are also expressing in the testing that the taste of sweet lasts longer in mouth. Some people were acting as if they have eaten sugar syrup.

Caller  I: Doctor, very very thank you. It was my dream to reverse Diabetes but it was not happening so. But since I have begun taking ‘Diabetplus’, the dream has come true. There are so many people who were claiming as ‘Big Mouth’ but they failed to produce result. But now, result has come; sugar is also leveled on satisfactory level. The diet chart you have provided to me, I follow it too. People give phone numbers but no implementation and administration was taken place. But your administration is also good, phones are attended and guide us nicely.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: How many is your blood sugar level now, Shamaji?

Caller  I: My PP is 105 and fasting is 107. When I took Diabetall, these were counted lesser.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Definitely, it will reduce the levels. Now, you don’t need to have Diabetall as your levels are good. Have your doses of Oral Hypoglycemic been stopped?

Caller  I: It is partly continued. Now I am taking half dose of it.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Very good. Now, you can cut it more since your levels are below 120. Cut it down by ¼ for moving to its total reversal. I am definitely a medium and the maker is the God. You do your hard work and we will do our work for contriving results.

Host: Dr. Gaurav, Shamaaji has said a very good thing. She said that when Diabetes attacked her, she had a dream at that time to get herself released from it. And ‘Diabetplus’ has made it possible for her and she was thanking you by heart. How great would you feel about this?      

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: I always feel great and I don’t have two opinions over it. It feels great that you have marked feet to the life of someone and changed his/her life. They are now using my terminology while expressing that her Diabetes is reversed now. Of course, she used ‘Diabetall’ too that provided her good results. Her drug has been halved and perhaps that may be stopped very soon and this happened in just one month. It is unbelievable

Caller  II: This is like a wish that has come true. My name is Deep Shetty Gaurav and I am calling from Bombay. I started having ‘Diabetplus’  from April 25. And I have been extremely happy.  I had a problem where my triglycerides used to be very high. That was possibly because my sugar levels were not under control. This was going on for two years. Now I am feeling energetic and the beauty about the whole thing is the exercise and also I have to mention that I have been in constant touch with one of your team members. Her name is Shruti Bhargava the whole. She has guided me a lot. Thanks to her guidance I have been following her to put everything in a proper manner. I hope you would come to Mumbai.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Yes, absolutely. I keep on coming to Bombay. I come and go to Mumbai but I can’t see patients there due to my tight schedule. But yes, I will be seeing soon when the demand is going to be so much. It would become overwhelming, of course then, I’ll come. It’s fantastic to hear that in such a short period of time you have got good result.             

Caller  II: I am sincerely looking forward to meeting with you. Now sugar levels are under control. I was very much sure whether these all will work or not.  

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Well, we have a sense of doubts always because lots of people have been fooling around, cheating and when the real people come, although, there is always a sense of doubt. Now, you have seen the results. I wish and hope that you will continue this.

Caller  II: I saw your program on TV and that particular early in the morning, I was meditating a lot. I got the right answers and hopefully we should come through.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: This is god’s work. You got great results. I am doing my duty as I say always. It’s all god’s work. I hope you would continue with the great results.

Host: I have a question in my mind, doctor. Having consumed Diabetall and Diabetplus, being food supplements, generally as Mr. Shetty has said that his Diabetes has come under control and we have discussed about natural sweetener namely ‘sweet joy’. Can we resume taking artificial sugar when Diabetes comes under control?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Well, I would deny using it always. Before giving answer to this question, I want to summarize my users the call of Mr. Shetty. He did not have trust when he began to use Diabetplus if it will help him or not. But when he took it, he was benefitted a lot and he is feeling energetic and agile now. One day, he was doing meditation to urge the god for showing him the accurate path. He was urging to get a cue of path through which he would be able to overcome his Diabetes and its fear. He suddenly switched on the TV and he got a glimpse of us. We are doing our duties and fulfilling our duties. Of course, it has a lot of extracts and science and many more things. But who don’t want to get themselves overcome, I can’t treat them despite putting my heart and soul. I want that your result should be concluded as Mr. Shetty. Please share your success stories with us.

Host: I want to ask you, doctor, once the Diabetes comes under control then should we carry on the use of natural sweetener like ‘sweet joy’?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Absolutely. Sugar contains fructose and it spike in blood sugar levels. There have been conducted so many researches in US. High quantity of fructose contributes to insulin resistance. Even fruits are framed with questions. But we give fruits to our patients but alongside, it is essential to understand that if someone has insulin resistance and has threat with Diabetes, those should also stay away from sugar. We have put the extracts of stevia which lead to reduction in blood sugar levels despite taking sweetener. Along, you will get anti-inflammatory response in the form of liquorice. I, myself, use ‘sweet joy’, however, I am not a diabetic. I also want to suggest ‘sweet joy’ to be taken by those who tend to gain weight and those who feel difficult to shed weight and have family history of Diabetes, who are obese and have fat around tummy. We have put a lot of hardwork into this research and finally, we are very happy that we are introducing this to you. Our patients are benefitted by the use of ‘Diabetall’ but the only drawback is that it is bitter. And bitter seems problematic but brings out outstanding results. Now, we have made some amendments that have made ‘Diabetall’ sweet in addition of liquorice. Of course, it tastes like a medicine. I’ll not say that it has become a tasty drink but it has become sweet for sure. There are some complaints which state that patients feel like vomiting but few have no complaint about it. So, we have modified the taste of ‘Diabetall’ as ‘sweet’. Every patient should begin the course with ‘Diabetall’ and ‘Diabetplus’since their introduction brings fast results and you can stop the doses of oral hypoglycemic by cutting down the quantity of its doses gradually.

Host: Dr. Gaurav, Shamaa got good results after taking ‘Diabetall’. What is the difference between ‘Diabetall’ and ‘Diabetplus’?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: We have informed a lot about it. Diabetplus has essential seven vitamins, minerals, glucose mechanism,  21 herbs and 4 antioxidants. But when we gave this to severe patients of Diabetes whose levels were above 300 and 400, it took time to remediate. It was designed as a food supplements which fulfills the deficiency of nutrients along with improvement.

Caller  III: I am Bairagi from Andaman Nicobar. My blood sugar levels have been under control and I am very thankful to you, specially of Shruti Mam. I want to ask you till how long should I continue ‘Diabetplus’?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Diabetes is a progressive disease and if a spark is inciting again and again and hence, ignition is occurring then this is happened due to Diabetes and insulin resistance. For instance, if you leave Diabetplus, Diabetes begins rising its heinous head. Thus, you should take it lifelong for maintenance. So, you should take it 1 or 2 capsules lifelong.

Switching back to the old question, we extracted 10 herbs from Diabetplus and launched Diabetall in the form of powder. 1 or 2 capsules of Diabetplus should be taken per day and if you take it before meal, it will be very good for you. We ought to add 5 g of Diabetall in lukewarm water and stir well for taking it before having meal. This way the concentration of herbs increases that helps to calm down the blood sugar levels. So we introduced Diabetall and Diabetplus. As soon as possible, stop taking oral hypoglycemic as they are allopathic drugs which show their drawbacks.

Host: There are so many patients who are inflicted with Diabetes but after having talked with you and adopting these food supplements in life, they are living normal life. It’s all because of you.