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Money Solutions Through Vastu



Calling money as vital, the energy consultant of Aushadhhi, Dr. Arti Verma, claims vastu as ‘key’ source of earning. As per vastu, the main door should not be under the shed of the tree or pillar. Keep doors and windows of the house clean.  Northeast, the direction of giving ideas and opportunities, & southeast, the direction to maintain wealth, should be kept clean to welcome fresh ideas. The cash-box should be opened facing south or north since these are the direction of the lord of wealth ‘Kuber’. The excessive outflow of money can be stopped by keeping herbs in the bathroom.  The flow of money can be unlimited with the following ritual. Keep an iron key on the 10th or 11th page on the holy Ramayana 18 days before Diwali while uttering any quatrain. Place the key to the next page chanting the quatrain again. Practice this ritual till a day before Diwali. On the day of festival, read holy Ramayana from the five pages back uttering quatrain till the very page where the key was. Subsequently, keep that key wrapped in the red or yellow cloth in the cash-box. From the first Thursday of Shukla-paksha to ninth, serve yellow-cooked rice. Move around peepal tree seven times every Saturday calling goddess Lakshmi at 10 a.m.. You ought to keep 11 dried dates wrapped in red cloth in the cash-box. While cooking, the food should not be tasted as it hampers inflow of cash. Wealth can be enhanced by worshipping saffron, honey, kachnaar leaves and silver box on Diwali night.