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Mantras & Remedies for Unemployment and Professional Growth



This program focuses on Job. The main barrier in finding a job is tough competition. You ought to heat up an alum piece on hot iron pan and then, revolve it around your head clockwise for three Wednesday. Afterwards, flush it. Or, you ought to offer mishri mixed water. Lit a lamp fueled with sesame oil (til-oil) before peepal tree till 16 Saturday. Or, you ought to serve peeled banana to a cow for 16 Thursday. Or, you ought to chant Argala Strotam in Durga Kavacha or Saptshadi for 11,000 times. Or, you ought to feed sweet bread pakodas till 19 Saturday to crows. You ought to worship the Sun offering water before 8 a.m. while uttering Gayatri Mantra 108 times. These practices assure job in 40 days. You ought to offer 21 Gomati Chakra & water to Shivalingam. You can get government job by feeding workers till 19 Saturday & by massaging your parents’ legs with mustard oil. Be soft & kind with your maid or servant & donate mustard oil or black lentil (urad) in temple to get it.