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Mantras & Remedies for Security from Enemies



How to face off the enemies? Colour Supari with vermillion while uttering the mantra ‘ पं पशुपते नम'ः. Then, put it at the feet of lord Ganesha. Follow this ritual 11 Wednesday or Saturday to avoid hassles from enemies. You ought to cite Bajarang Baan in the dawn seven times; offer laddu as bhog, cloak (chola) to lord Hanuman. Afterwards, burn two cloves in desi ghee & anoint with its ashes. You ought to follow this ritual seven days continuously to stay away from enemies. Put two nutmegs (Jaiphal) with camphor on flame while calling enemies’ name and throw the ash in drain.

Staunch enemies can be kept away by keeping 36 Gomati-chakra in puja-room while uttering the mantra of Ma Baglamukhi 36,000 times. Write the name of enemies on these chakras; afterwards, bury them in ground.