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Mantras & Remedies for Pea#D0B



Familial prosperity & peace are focused in this video. Sprinkle ganges water on ‘Sidhha Gomati Chakra’ to sanctify it and keep it in vermillion box to bring ecstasy. You ought to set nine coconuts tied with black thread to flames from first of Suklapaksha to ninth to imbue peace & prosperity in life. Unnecessary arguments & hassles can be avoided by tying a fist each of jaggery, salt and wheat seeds with two copper coins & sidhha ‘griha badha yantra’ in white cloth on Monday, Thursday, Friday or Sunday in puja-room. Alternatively, you ought to cite ‘Gayatri Mantra’ counting rosary garland thrice and then, perform Havana with guggal. Revolve yellow mustard seeds and black pepper corns around your head seven times uttering ‘सर्व  बाधा विणर्मुक्तो  धन  धान्य  सुतान्वितः , मनुष्यो  मत्प्रसादः  भविष्यति  संशयते|’ Then, set on flame these things.  This ritual will end every woe & obstacle. Cite pitri mantra 1.25 lakh times in pitripaksha. Arrange Havana with kheer, sweetened with mishri instead of sugar, should be kept to remove pitri-dosha.