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Mantras & Remedies for Marriage



This episode tells remedies to tackle marriage related problems. The marriageable daughter ought to put on new yellow & new white clothes on Thursday & Saturday respectively for five weeks continuously. Red cloth ought to be preferred during meeting with the prospective groom. You ought to chant Durga Saptshati or सर्वा बाधा विनर्मुक्तो धन धान्य सुतानवितः मनुष्यो मत्प्रसादेन भविष्यति नः संशयते during Shukla paksha or Navratris to seek suitable match and uncertain denial of marriage proposal. Having taken bathe, you ought to offer 25 ml milk that has turmeric or saffron on Thursday to shivalinga. Afterwards, lit four-mouthed lamp. Also, give 1.25 metre cloth, five incense sticks & seven laddus of besan and dry & unshaven coconut in charity. Do it seven Saturday.