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Mantras & Remedies for Issue Less Couples



Visit Bankebihari Temple in Vrindavan for getting blessed with kids. Urge with sanctified heart there. Keep a Bal gopal  in the puja-room and worship while citing mantra ॐ देवकीसुत गोविन्द वासुदेव जगत्पतये देहि में धन्यं कृष्णम त्वाम अहं शरणं गतः . Or, chant Gopal Santaan Strota 3,651 times keeping a yellow cowrie tying yellow thread. Childless but medically fit couples ought to put a peepal leaf into water till one hour. Thereafter, they ought to take out the leaf post one hour and drink that water. Do this ritual 90 days. For eliminating frequent miscarriages, keep a goolar mool (fig root) during Guru Pushya Nakshatra in the puja-room. Then, cite Santaan Gopal Strota 11000 times. At the end, the couple ought to fasten that goolar mool to be blessed with worthy kid