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Mantras & Remedies for Hea#D13



How stars inflict, such as health disorder? Keep boiled water of ram jataa, amarbel, white or yellow mustard, jau, dev daru, ruyi, muyi & tuyi in a bottle. Add one small bowl of this water in bathing water till seven days. This practice will kick out hurdles from your life. In case, the problem still persists then, follow this ritual for 27 days. For keeping away saade sati dosha (defect), cling 11 aak (calotropis) leaves on which ॐ सीता शोक विनाशिनी mantra with white sandalwood is written on them. When it would be dry, throw it in the flowing water but after replacing it with fresh. Any scar on face can be removed by using equal amount of black basil juice & lemon juice on it. Skin & eye defect can be treated by drawing a circle using grass/ straw in copper platter. You ought to write Hrim in the circle afterwards; fill a copper mug with sesame seeds & red flowers. Now, drop water over hrim facing the sun except basil or tulsi plant. Worship god ‘Surya’ uttering ‘ॐ ह्री दिक मर शमए, आरोग्यदाय सूर्य दमयाय नमः’ mantra while counting rosary thrice.