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Mantras & Remedies for Financial and Professional Growth



Cite Shri Suktam while keeping one fist of rye in puja-room for seven Friday to attract more customers. Subsequently, blow seven times on the rye besides uttering the wish regarding financial gain. Thereafter, move it around the shop seven times. Then, scatter the rye on the road front to it. You ought to keep a small mug of water on the table near your head on Sunday. The, offer water to Keekar tree. Do it for seven Monday and add on some mishri in water last Monday while urging for gain and paying back the loss. Instability can be eliminated & promoting business or in job, you ought to colour 1.25 metre kachha Soot with saffron on Friday of Shukla Paksha. Subsequently, tie it at business place or put it in the drawer of your workplace. For unlimited profit, you ought to chant Shri Suktam & Kanak Dhara Strota 11,000 times. Sprinkle Ganges water on a peepal leaf; lit incense chanting Gayatri Mantra counting rosary garland completely one time. Preserve this leaf in a cash box or underneath your seat at work place on every Saturday for sure financial profit.