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Irreversible Stage of Diabetes



Host: Friends, people get scared at the name of diabetes due to which threat of causing so many other diseases. People take medicine throughout life and try to struggle for controlling it. But if I say that it can not only be controlled but also be reversed. Yes, it’s true and this is claimed by the country’s renowned lifestyle doctor and famous diabetologist Dr. Gaurav Sharma.

People are ignorant and don’t get their sugar levels checked but later, they discover that their sugar is very high. This happens only by ignoring the diagnosis. Consequently, they come to the stage where diabetes is irreversible. You cannot do anything about its prevention since it becomes deathly.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: I narrated a story in this program earlier. I want to share it today once again. Many times, you have seen the pigeons picking up the birdseeds. As the cat came most of the pigeons flew away but few stayed still while keeping their eyes closed. They expected that the predator will not notice them. But it had to pounce upon them since it is genetically designed in the predator. This clears that once diabetes has hit, it has to progress and insulin resistance has to progress. Many people do not go for diabetes test since they fear with the positive report. And some are there who underestimate it. One stage comes when diabetes becomes irreversible. At that stage, nothing can be done since you go in kidney failure. Patients have to be put on dialysis. Patients do not come out of this stage in 90% cases. Once the kidney fails, restoration of it seems nearly impossible since we can make the insulin strong and control the blood sugar levels. But still the destruction of frying in barbeque can be treated via kidney failure. Along with it, you have to take immunosuppressant and you can go ahead only through controlling blood sugar level. So, don’t go in kidney failure. Retina is damaged to such extent that the patient has to undergo 3 or 4 laser therapies. But nothing can be done if your blood sugar levels keep on shooting even after the laser therapies. You become blind and alongside, you go into kidney failure. At certain stage, if you develop gangrene in leg then that damaged bruised organ has to be amputated. You cannot reverse it. That means if the supply of oxygen is discarded then restoration to it is impossible. The rules of our anatomy are made by the god. The god cannot grant your prayer. So, the god has empowered you with brain and wisdom. Use them.

Caller I: I am Venugopal Rao from Bangalore. I am 73-year old. I have been a diabetic for three and half years. I used to take medicines. My blood sugar levels have been increasing for 6 months. My fasting level used to be between 150 and 175 while PP used to be around 220 and 230. I watched your program one day. I ordered the food supplements but I was afraid since many persons told me to get myself checked to the doctor. I asked my own doctor. But I cannot recommend his name. My son is a doctor in America. I asked him and his suggestion was the same. He told that he could not give any recommendation but advised as “you see yourself what can be done”. My sugar level was increasing around 170 to 180 once and PP was near 230. I took your food supplements with positive approach. I have been using your product since last two months. My fasting is ranging between 80 and 90. My reading of test HBA1C is 5.41. My MBD has registered as 97 milligram per deciliter. I am not following your recommended diet-chart 100 percent since we are south Indians. But still, I got great relief. I am not able to believe. And my son, a doctor in America, does not believe it.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Mr. Venugopal, talk to our diabetes educators who will reduce your dosage till you will visit the doctor. If your dosage will remain high then you may go into hypoglycemia. Therefore, talk to diabetes educators and cut down the dosage of drugs. Doctors will also support you.

Caller I: I take one pill each in the morning and evening.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Cut down the dosage of pills by ¼.

Caller I: Should I reduce 1?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: ¼ is to be reduced but not the whole 1 pill. You ought to take ¾ each in the morning and evening. You can cut it through pill-cutter or blade. Now, listen to my words carefully. An MD doctor denies taking risk. But an MD doctor of allopath and famous diabetologist is suggesting you.

Caller I: My doctor is very nice and he is very satisfied with my results. He recommends others also to follow your recommendations.                                         

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: He is an intelligent doctor.

Caller I: He said, “Since your results are good, I will recommend it to my patients and then, monitor my patients for three months.”

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: One more thing you ought to suggest to your doctor to include diabetall for much better results. Alongside, he can give sweet joy if any sweetener is to be taken. There are so many patients and doctors who believe in these food supplements.

Caller I: I am impressed.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Venugopal ji, you impressed me a lot. You have to impress me after stopping the drugs intake so that we can reverse your diabetes truly. People of your age have threat of other complications. So, take care of it.

Host: Dr. Gaurav, I can’t control myself. He (the caller) was super excited. Do you still think that there are so many people who are very restricted about their approach?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: I want to share something. Look, his son (caller’s son), a diabetologist in the medical college, said, “I don’t know.” Answer will be simple that he does not know how to manage it. The intelligent doctor watched the results and then, expressed that he would recommend others. But the number of such intelligent doctor is less. This indicates that they become doctors for name and fame. It’s difficult to find a doctor with analytical sense. There are doctors who score meritorious but they are useless and have-not doctors since they run after money only. This is the only sadness. Even his son did not understand and he was surprised how this has happened to his father. We will keep on surprising doctor. There is a doctor in Delhi who asked me to teach how to reverse diabetes. The problem is that they lack practice. The doctors around 15 to 20 years senior to me say that they did not get the training over how to manage it. Diabetes is a new phenomenon which is increasing quickly. Infection is 75% responsible for it and 25 % was to blame to lifestyle. Today, it is contrary. 75 % responsible cause of it is lifestyle while 25% is infection. The complications arise due to antibiotics would lead to death of many. Those doctors want us to teach. When they do not do anything of the severe and critical cases which become difficult to handle then they have to refer to big hospitals. On being referred to a bigger doctor by the family physician doctor, the patient sticks to them avoiding their family doctor. So, many patients request me to do something in this regard. Some doctors, unfamiliar with the revolutionary updates in this field, deny using it. But there is a veteran qualified doctor behind these supplements’ discovery. They don’t know that millions of doctors are our patients also.

Caller II: I am Harjinder Kaur Birdi from Ludhiana. I have some improvement in my condition. My age is 58 and I have been a diabetic for 9 or 10 years. I go to Apollo hospital for my diabetes treatment. My sugar was 200 earlier and PP was 120. But now my condition is improved. It shoots to 180 or 190 on and off. It was 102 as fasting and PP was 136.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Tell me one thing; do you know what should be an ideal blood sugar level?    

Caller II: 80 and 120.

Dr. Guarav Sharma: How long it has been since you are taking diabetplus?

Caller II: I started in February. It has been 9 months.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Have you talked to out diabetes educators?

Caller II:  Yes.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Did he recommend you to introduce diabetall?

Caller II: Yes, he said. But I did not use it actually. I am a widow so I cannot afford it.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Ok, Have you paid attention to food and what are your levels?

Caller II: Actually, I eat sweet sometimes.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Have you gone for HBA1 C test?

Caller II: No, I have not done so far. I checked it 7 or 8 months before.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: What were your levels at that time?

Caller II: I have forgotten but I will go for this test.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: The bridle of your life lies in your hand. If you let it released, then It will take you to somewhere else. Therefore, control it. First of all, control your blood sugar level, though by using allopathic drugs or diabetall or diabetplus. You will not be able to afford the treatment of complications arising through diabetes. Keep your blood sugar levels below 120 by taking either insulin or diabetall or diabetplus. The damage will be worse after 10 years. I will recommend you to consult your doctor aggressively for coming down the levels below 120. Are you doing exercises or not?

Caller II: No.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Be cautious. Exercise does not require expenditure. Walk or buy a stationary cycle. Do cycling a bit. Do hard work until your level does not reach below 120. And thereafter, reduce the dose of drugs gradually since they cost much along with bring over expenditure. Please focus a bit.

Caller II: Doctor, I have acidity.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: This happens only with the gelatin capsules. You can take it while dissolving into water after taking food. Then, this problem of acidity does not hit. You ought to take care of it.

Host: Doctor, we started our discussion with the topic ‘ignorance’. She said that she eats sweets and does not do exercise sometimes.                        

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Sweet can be eaten, as we can give this reward to our clients but they have to bring down their levels below 120. Type 1 diabetes patients, especially kids, visit to us with smile on their face. We give them reward to eat whatever once in a week. They jump with joy. Most of the doctors do not understand this that their childhood will be lost without enjoying a tasty meal. They put hard and fast rules before them in the form of restrictions. How would those kids grow and meet their aspirations? So, it’s important to balance with lifestyle. But if you are not doing exercise then scolding is essential.

Host: Does the recommended exercises differ patient to patient? Or do you recommend the similar kind of exercises to all?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Well, Females find some exercises difficult to do, such as pushups. The chart has pushups style for females. Besides, you can do sit-ups or dips also. Exercise is important for all.  You ought to install a stationary cycle at home which is less expensive.