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I Ching



Mr. U.N. Sharma discloses about new alternate science I Ching. It’s the easiest way to answer your desirable queries regarding future promptly if you have no horoscope that needs DOB & time of birth. An attuned watch is required for I Ching. This science requires you to learn how to watch time for accurate calculation. Astrology & I Ching are like brother & sister, since both need thorough reading of planets. A learner ought to put it on all the time since it would get tuned with your pulse-rate. Your watch must be re-attuned after repair. I Ching answers to only the specific and one question at one time. The next query should be asked after 2 to 5 minutes of the fore query. The aspirants can visit our website or clinic ‘Aushadhhi’ to learn this science. We organise seminars to teach this science also. I Ching promises to give 100 percent accurate answer to your queries.