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Empower Yourself Through Tarot



Renu Kakkar is the director of Aushadhhi. The foundation of Param Hans Prakash Vati Mehta Institute of Holistic Medicine and Research was laid in June, 1996. With Reiki & Acupressure, this institution was started. Many hands joined to move this caravan ahead. Presently, a team of alternative science experts, such as Homeopathy, gem therapy, reiki, tarot reading & vastu etc., works here. Aushadhhi assures you key to happiness.

Tarot: Unlike alternate science ‘astrology’, Tarot is considered as pure energy. It’s a tool to connect with divinity. It makes the very powerful hind-self accessible to seek information. At the time when stress clutches us, we have a lot of cures but still we get confused to choose which one, tarot guides us. It helps to precept the two ends and situations. With it, we come to know our intuition to observe and understand the life, emotions and situations closely.

 Tarot consists of open and question reading. Open reading helps in taking decisions during major changes in life, such as marriage or change in career or change in job. On the other hand, question reading helps in encountering with the specific questions. The question should be asked in specific & positive manner. For example, ‘why is this event not happening’ should be asked as ‘what can I do to make this event happened’.       

Most of the available tarot cards have a total number of 78 cards that are divided into two parts, the major arcana and the minor arcana.

The major arcane is a set of 22 cards that deals with the major events of life, whereas, the minor arcane is classified into four suits of 14 cards each. The latter suits deal with everyday’s ups & downs. There are various spreads also which we use, like a set of three or five cards.

Beginners can start using the major 22 cards to answer the queries. For example, we have selected a cars on daily basis in which a field appears. It indicates innocent & fresh energies and a new beginning.

If the magician appears on the card then take time to conclude. Take time to get connected with your card while observing the picture, the colours and the number of the card thoroughly. The connectivity with it should be intuitive. Its intensive reading might inform you to be strong, powerful just like magician & you are empowered to overcome problems & be successful in life.

Apparels on the emperor in a spread might read not to worry since a very authoritative person is about to come in your life for helping you.

Death card reveals not only the loss but also the onset of beginning.

The Eclectic of the anchors cards shows that good time is about to come; so be open-up with positive instinct.

Spread with the pistol card shows will power has an edge over stronger physique. Your self confidence ensures victory. The world in it points towards fulfillment and completeness. This card unveils that the efforts to come out of critical situations are not putting in. You are imposing self on yourself. It symbolizes life, warmth, energy & charity. The sun portrays health, wealth and happiness along with the clarity of thoughts.

Judgement depicting card shows rebirth and awakening. It tells the end of one phase of life.

If the beginner wants to start then he/she ought to start with the 22 major cards. He/ she ought to upto two card spreads. One card will consist of answer while the other card will have suggestion to your query.

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