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Diabetes Symptoms



Host: We want to bring entire information related to Diabetes to you. We want to throw light over every issue annexed with it. We invite many fatal diseases due to altered lifestyle, food habits and standard of living in the hasty life of today. One out of those diseases is Diabetes which is spreading like fire in forest. Some people state that India may become the capital of Diabetes after few years. Well, this sounds scary to me. Why Diabetes is spreading rapidly in our country? We have India’s number 1 lifestyle doctor and famous Diabetologist Dr. Gaurav Sharma.

The first question is why Diabetes is spreading like gunfire in our country?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Well, here I have a counter question for you before responding to this query. Which country is the capital of Diabetes now-a-days?

Host: As we hear, I think, India is a capital city of Diabetes. It already is.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Yes, for a long time. The figures you have read are wrong. China is at the second position. But there is a problem in India that the number of diabetics is not registered in India and hence, they have not been accounted.  There are so many people, roaming around, do not know that they are diabetic. These are those figures which have been recorded after diagnosing the Diabetes. Some time back, some people of Chennai and Bangalore were randomly examined for checking blood sugar levels and every 5th or 6th person was found inflicted with Diabetes. It means 15% to 20% people don’t know that they are diabetics.

Host: What are the pointers or markers of Diabetes for a layman?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Pointers manifest very late when your blood sugar level is exaggerated. Usually and unfortunately, the people of our country lack awareness and they take action only when their problem becomes critical. When the Diabetes exaggerates, you urinate frequently; your appetite and thirst shoot up but alongside, you lose weight also due to the formation of cretonnes. At that time you feel fatigues, heaviness and you find disinterested in doing anything. Organ damage begins to occur due to formation of advance glycation products, such as weak eyesight, numbness in heel. But we convey that we have to understand those symptoms via which Diabetes may hit you. First thing I say to people is to be alert if you have a history of Diabetes since your chances are very high for becoming a diabetic. Besides, we also say if you accumulate fat on your tummy, it is a sign of insulin resistance. Currently, you may be a diabetic but you will be a diabetic in future for sure. It depends on the age. You might have noticed that you feel dizzy after having meal. If you feel lethargy or fatigues and you feel sleepy. It means Diabetes is going to shoot.

Host: If you feel some pointers, such as lethargy, numbness in legs, frequent urination, then don’t wait and please call to Dr. Gaurav. Doctor, I had a friend who had been a diabetic and he was recommended to wear thick glasses when we were in 10th . Can Diabetall or Diabetplus be used In Type 1 Diabetes?  I will ask you after break as we have to take a call. 

Caller  I: I am Nirmala from Bangalore. After using Diabetplus, my sugar level has come to the normal.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Let me also learn what is the normal?  

Caller  I: For six years, it was 300 or 400 and without knowing the impact, I began to take tablets. Now, I have using Diabetplus for past 4 or 5 months. In January, it was 142 and after that it was 145. My HBA1C was 7.3. My urea was 53  and creatinine level was 1.6. After taking the tablet, it was 120 at fasting HBA1C was 6.6 and later it, calmed down to 5.9. My urea is come to 49 and my creatinine remains constant at 1.6.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: That needs further improvement. Tell me how did you manage to get into kidney failure?    

Caller  I: I don’t know sir, due to my ignorance.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: This is bad. But you did great news. I am happy. I am so glad that god has brought you out of this. I am also scared when I see such patients going into kidney failure because it’s so difficult to get them out. But god has been very kind on you. You have come out and keep up the good work and keep your range below 6 of HBA1C and blood sugar level below 120 milligrams per deciliters.  I think that things have been great. This is fantastic. Keep up the good work. Do not relax and complacent. Do not think that things are under control. Stay focused. Get to our state and everything is fine and then, talk to our team. That’s a very exciting part of our diabetics where we encourage patients who actually enjoy the food they love once a week. But it’s still a long distance to go from.

Host: Now, Nirmala’s state is nice. Her levels are under control in every sense. But despite this, will you recommend the mainstream dosage to them?         

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Well, of course, her Diabetes is not prevented. I frequently tell patients not to play with Diabetes and don’t ignore it since it will make you its morsel and you will remain ignorant. In her case, the same happened when she wanted to keep her Diabetes under control. But she went into kidney failure then to dialysis. Since our country lacks equipments and then, it becomes very tough to be alive for patients.

Host: The range of Nirmala is normal for now. Her reports are come out well. Her condition is reversed from kidney failure. But do you still recommend for maintenance dosage?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Well, she will not go into maintenance dosage. There is long way to go. I will recommend starting Diabetall in her case. If she is taking any oral hypoglycemic then she would be able to come out of it. We don’t know the side effects of it.  Allopathic drugs are not studied for a long time and don’t know how people respond.

Caller  II: My name is Pran Malhotra. Actually I have been a diabetic for 12 or 13 years. I tried many medicines of many kinds as allopathic, Ayurvedic and homeopathy but I had no results. My fasting levels and PP were in the range of 200 and doctor had told me that I would go on insulin very soon. Then I watched your show on TV and on web. And my family members laughed at me when I ordered your supplements. Anyhow, I started your prescription and now, my allopathic tablets have been cut down. My Fasting level is 98 and PP is 90. I follow the diet chart that has been provided by you. I am trying by my heart and soul to reduce the dosage of allopathic medicine.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: You should have to cut them down as your levels have already been come down. As we always suggest, you ought to reduce the dosage. Congratulation to you as your oral hypoglycemic drug will be reduced. I recommend your food supplements to my friends also.     

Host: Dr. Gaurav, you were informing about a drug before this call.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Yes, absolutely. That drug, namely Rosiglitazone, had been used in US for more than a decade. Nearly 90,000 people died in US just due to heart attack while controlling blood sugar. And the synonymous Pyridoxine is causing the same effect to which zillion of people are taking it. I was expected it to be banned and perhaps, it has been banned but I don’t have accurate information about it.

Host: People do fear from the name of allopathic medicines. But Diabetall and Diabetplus are food supplements which are made via natural ways. How do you convince people to take these natural herbal supplements?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: We live on the ground that has conceived Ayurveda and it is the most ancient medical system. But there are some shortcomings in it as well. Despite ayurvedic claims, many frauds have been occurred that assure quick and miraculous results. Besides, they work very slowly. But people tend to keep on taking it. Following to it, allopathic medicine flooded in the market but people were ignorant about its side effects. For instance, a research states that paracetamol causes its effect on liver. It is in the habit of producing toxic drug and it is also contributing in liver cancer which is fearsome. Now, people are taking it and leading to cancer themselves. The fact is that we have to be aware.

Caller  III: I am Ramratan Verma. I started Diabetplus on 24.10. 2012. My fasting level was 299 and PP was 439. I connected to your expert team member Ritu. I carried on the guidelines and diet-plan recommended by her. You supported nicely. I am obliges for this and congratulations to you for this. My fasting level is 89 and PP is 110 today. Now I enjoy hearty meal as rice in marriages; consume multi grain flour; take soaked grams in the breakfast at prescribed time; eat 2 chapati with salad at noon and 1 chapati in the evening.            

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Congratulations to you. I did my work. You told the fact if you might have been not in hilly region and the facilities might have been more then you might have received results sooner. But you followed the things devotionally. It is a result of your focus and determination. I want to inform my viewers also if you will follow like him in a careful way then you can enjoy the hearty meal sometime. But you have to bring down your blood sugar levels below 120. But Mr. Verma, Are you still taking oral hypoglycemic drugs?

Caller  III: Yes sir. I used to take glycomet 500. It was of 2 mg that has been come down to 1 mg. Now, I have stopped it. And now, I am taking glymer.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Cut down its dosage as well. You have already come to the range where you ought to reduce it by ¼ since your fasting and PP are below 120.  Within 3 months, you will be free from allopathic medicines that will be a total reversal in Diabetes.

Host: It’s tragic for diabetics that they cannot eat sweet. I know you have magic for it also. What is it?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Absolutely. Patients used to urge me to do something. They used to complain that stevia is not found. I can recommend neither artificial sweetener nor sugar. For some patients, we say that you take brown or crude sugar. But some patients’ blood sugar level shoots even after consuming peach which is our recommendation since their insulin is too weak to control blood sugar level. By the side, I carried on my research on stevia and mulaithi (liquorice). The impact of liquorice is not synonym to the taste of sugar but of gajrela (Gaajar ka Halwa). If you are borderline diabetic then you can take it otherwise you have to avoid it. The best thing of it is that the blend of stevia and liquorice will not let the blood sugar levels to shoot up. Instead it controls them.

Host: What’s more than that! It tastes sweet. Since we have Dr. Gaurav Sharma so there is no need to fear from Diabetes.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: You ought to take care of your body which is a cover or cloth or armour of your soul. When you will meet the god, he will ask you how you did care of your armour. Then, what would you say to him. So, please take care of yourself, city, district, ward, state and country. And when we will be able to take care of our country that day we will be able to care for ourselves.