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Diabetes in Children



Host: Friend, we always pray to god “May nobody may be affected by Diabetes ever!” But Diabetes is found not only in elders but in youngsters and children as well due to changes lifestyle, food and way of living. Some of the causes of Diabetes are lack of exercise, outrageous work culture and consumption of junk food etc.. This series in meant not only for those who are diabetic but for those also who have not been inflicted by Diabetes as yet since it is said “Prevention is better than cure”. Well, Diabetes is a lifestyle disorder. We have India’s leading lifestyle doctor and famous Diabetalogist Dr. Gaurav Sharma.

Doctor, since Diabetes is a lifestyle disorder and the type of food we intake, especially children who eat junk food and don’t do exercise then we want to know is Diabetes found in children also?                    

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Some people want to bring their eight-year- old kid inflicted with Type 2 Diabetes.  In Type 2, insulin-resistance develops; excessive fat gets deposited and other metabolic conditions come along with it. I, recently, read that an 11-year-old girl was gone through bilateral surgery that has not been operated till today in Delhi. It is so sad that her body will go through changes. The surgery will conceive so many metabolic issues in her body and she was weighed 98 kg at the age of just 11. In Bilateral surgery, either stapling or band is fixed along the stomach so that the size of her stomach would shrink and hence, more food cannot be stuffed in it. In such condition, a person consumes less food which is not a solution; it’s a temporary or quick fix. Thereafter, deficiencies begin to shoot. Possibly, it may become life saving but I don’t think an 11-year old kid has life-saving condition. In present world, of course, lifestyle plays wider role consisting of genetics and epigenetics. Amid these problems, you can reverse Diabetes. But there are some people who don’t change their lifestyle. So many patients show their willingness to visit us but they take quarter every day. I say, “don’t waste your as well as mine time,” since those who don’t want to recover they have to drink the same quarter and cold drinks. A patient, recently, visited to me who get hospitalized and his condition worsened. His condition worsened since he was offered sprite in Chandigarh. The conclusion is that there are so many people who will not change their lifestyle and habits ever. And many are firefighters.

Host: But doctor, there are numerous persons, especially of today’s generation, are ignorant to do anything. They don’t know what the healthy lifestyle is since they were born and dragged to video games, mobile phones. They are taught to play outside and denying eating junk food neither in schools nor at home. So, should it be infused as a wholesome education?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Yes, it should be done. You are wrong here. The new generation is very conscious today. They don’t want to manifest fat since they understand that it is ugliness.

Host: But this realization strikes during teenage. I am talking about 8 or 7-year-old.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: People are more conscious today. Yes, we have video games and disposable income as well for spending it in future. Unfortunately, we have money for food and travel but not for medicine. Young generation is very conscious and they realize teasing for being fat. So, the time is of competition in schools. The kids have to stay alert today. Today everyone believes to have food from outside and people have huge disposable income. Though they are spending money on the food of outside but that can never have good quality. They are not investing on health. They are just firefighters. When their condition worsens they rush to us. This program is not for them. It is specifically for those who want to change their life; who are searching for a straw to catch it as a ray of hope for kicking off the grief and complications from their life. If you are from them then stay tuned with us as I will motivate you always despite big troubles and hurdles.

Caller  I: I am Ashutosh Pandey from Gwalior. Actually, my mother has been using Diabetplus for 7 or 8 months perhaps. I want to talk to doctor on behalf of her. My mother is inflicted with Type 2 Diabetes. Her sugar level used to be in the range of 240 and 270. As your team has suggested, she is taking 2 capsules each in the morning and evening. Now, her levels are marked between 180 and 190.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: You don’t deserve accolades. You have to bring your levels down below 120. Have you talked to our experts?

Caller  I: Yes, I talked to them a month ago recently.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: So, you have to talk to them regularly. Here lies your interest for results. We are here to help you. Keep your levels below 120. If you haven’t reached to it then you have to work aggressively for which you have to talk to our Diabetes educators. If they don’t support you, send us an email. I check emails and we will ensure that your mother will not confront any complication. You have to put a bit of effort and talk to our expert team members as Shruti, Ritu and Shalini, and bring down her levels below 120. Following to it, I wish to listen to your success story.

Host: We have already discussed about Sweet Joy which is a natural sweetener. But sometimes, we drop out sugar for losing our weight while enacting as a doctor of our own and begin to take artificial sweeteners. Can normal non-diabetics also adopt sweet joy for being healthy?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Well, I am also normal and a non-diabetic. And I am also using it. I feel it is good. As much as I can, I avoid sugar. If I want to have it then I take sweet joy. It is for those who put on weight easily, for health conscious people, for those having history of Diabetes and for those who are fitness freak like model, actors etc.. It means it’s a universal product which is not restricted to only diabetics. I’ll not say that it is synonymously sweet as sugar but no bitterness and awkward taste in it. It’s a good thing that reduces blood sugar levels. It is exciting?  

Host: We have received feedback from many people who say that they have become more active and their energy levels have been increased after adopting Diabetplus. They have started living their life again. It’s a positive feedback. Besides, what can be the positive side effects of it?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: I can say that energy level increases; your body feels relieved from heaviness and alleviates lethargy; you want to do work. You will progress and financially groomed. Apart from it, we look at weight loss.  A patient of Type 1 Diabetes visited us and of course, we are unable to involve Diabetall and Diabetplus too much. But still she is taking. She shed 7 kg in 1 ½ month and reduced 4 inches from the waist. Many patients have reduced weight upto 10, 15 kg which is a great sign. Above it, if weight is reduced, the weight from joints also gets relieved. The cases of osteoarthritis in which hefty weight is on joints causing degeneration also get benefit. Thinking process increases and clarity of mind also stimulates. Your life definitely improves. The interpretation differs from person to person. We want to work for those who are conscious and willing to overcome.

Caller  II: I am Anil Sharma speaking from Kandiwali, Mumbai. I have been using your supplements for 1 ½ year and I have suggested to my friends also. My condition was improved but it became critical again and uncertain and water begins to penetrate in the body. Then, I went to the doctor. He noticed defect in Kidney and told that your fluid was penetrating into kidney.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Did you go into kidney failure?

Caller  II: He said it was a borderline.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Since how long are you a diabetic?

Caller  II: I have been diabetic for 12 years. I was perfect having taken your supplements but how did it shoot uncertainly, I didn’t know.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Mr. Anil, your Diabetes had progressed. The improvement was pretentious and your kidney failure had been occurring since before. Having consumed Diabetplus your life is saved at least. Nephropathy never progresses quickly in Diabetes as it progresses in many months and years as states the research. You had to be cautious before about your blood sugar levels. How much your blood sugar levels were earlier?

Caller  II: Sir, I am surprised as my levels were 250 and 330 that promptly slipped to 155 or 84. It extended 110 to 140 as maximum and these were not more than 180 after meal. Thereafter, how does the water flooded in the kidney, I don’t know.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: What are the levels of Creatinine and urea

Caller  II: It is 1.0. I don’t know the levels of urea.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Actually, you haven’t understood. You haven’t gone into Kidney failure. Examine your health condition.

Caller  II: The doctor has said that there is 1 litre in 24 hours. 

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: But 1.0 creatinine is normal which not the level of kidney failure. It is not border line. It is normal as 1.1 and upto 1.3 is normal. You ought to consult any other doctor as well. Is water retention occurring in legs or in the entire body? 

Caller  II: The water was retained from legs to stomach.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Then, it is some different problem. You have to examine it. Take opinion of two or three doctors. It is insensible to go into kidney failure amid your blood sugar levels were normal. You ought to get it checked and you ought to keep it below 120. I cannot help you more than that. I always advise to patients not to go into Kidney failure. Before this defect, we can manage everything.

Caller  III: I am Seema speaking from Uttamnagar, Delhi. I have got great results having consumed your food supplements. I have much relief now. When I went through medical checkup earlier my cholesterol level was high a bit. But I have been taking those supplements for one year. Now, my cholesterol and sugar levels are under control and I eat food as per my desire. I don’t prohibit that much and use your recommended recipes.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: The patients should not do so. If you get a ray of hope then you have to reverse Diabetes having grabbed it. When the condition will go worse later then what would you do? You deny children not to do so but why do you do so? 

Caller  III: Now, I have decided to do so essentially.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: What are your blood sugar levels now?

Caller  III: My HP 1C is 5.9.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: How much they were earlier?

Caller  III: These were 7.5 earlier.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: It means your levels were 160 or 170. It’s a great improvement. Are you taking Oral Hypoglycemic drugs? 

Caller  III: Yes.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Are you not interested in reducing its dosage? Diabetes is a progressive disease. I give you licence that you can enjoy hearty meal once in a week. But rest of the 6 days, you should follow the prescribed diet plan. You can reduce your oral hypoglycemic by ¼.

Host: How should a Diabetes patient note down his blood sugar level?  

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: All patients on insulin should monitor their blood sugar level before and after taking meal everyday at fasting and after dinner. Follow the glucometer and check your blood sugar levels. It is showing that your blood sugar levels are not under control. So, keep them under control. Blood sugar level monitoring is an important and critical part of Diabetes management. If you understand this problem then take action. But yes, calibrate your glucometer for sure via chemist.