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Diabetes and Weight Loss



Host: You eagerly wait for this series as you get the answer of every query relating to Diabetes. The miracle worker gives you answer to these queries. The one who believes Diabetes is reversible. There is no need to get threatened but to understand it. When you will understand the concept Diabetes well then only it will be conquerable. I am talking about India’s no. 1 lifestyle doctor and famous Diabetologist Dr. Gaurav Sharma

When I watch my weight and any of my friends offer me diet colas or diet version of aerated drinks. I realized that its taste is not delicious so I quit. But generally I have realised that diabetics consume diet aerated drinks. How much is it true?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Colas, or I will not take the name of any brand, which I used to drink and you too do the same foolish act.

Host: Diet cokes sound like a healthy version of life or healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: It is not. Thus, I want to share the information with you but if you still want to continue it I will not stop you as it’s your life. I want to inform you only those who are conscious and curious to know their side effects. I left it 7 or 8 years ago. But on and off, I used to have it. I realized that these are affecting very much to my health. They contribute to obesity instead of reducing it. Diabetes, cancer and heart diseases are inflammation and all lifestyle diseases are also so. When we take sugar, our blood sugar levels increase but not as much since I am not a diabetic. But my insulin levels increase definitely. The watchdogs of weight have good news. The good news has name ‘Sweet Joy’. This is a new natural sweetener in which we have added mulaithi or liquorice that gives freshness.  We isolated the sweetening part out of liquorice and added with sweeetner.

Caller  I: My name is Harinder Kumar. I am 38-years old. How long have you been a diabetic? I got to know about my problem 3 years ago. I had allopathic medicine. When I first noticed my blood sugar level, it was 220 after eating food and 130 or 140 on fasting. When I took your food supplements, my blood sugar leveled within 15 days. It was 160 after having meal and 110 before it.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: But it’s not reversed. You have to bring it below 120.

Caller  I: I have taken your supplements properly and I am fit completely as I go for test every fortnight. It shows 90 as fasting and 120 or 140 after taking meal.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Still it is on higher side. You have to bring it down to 120 that is marked after taking food. Your Diabetes is not very old and you showed good results. Continue this regimen. Help another diabetic also.

Caller  I: I am taking capsule still since I feel energetic.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: You should have one and two respectively on every alternate day. Don’t let your Diabetes be progressive.

Host: We were talking about ‘Sweet Joy’.   

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: As we have already discussed about liquorice and aloe-vera. We haven’t restricted our research to India. We have explored and sourced them from abroad which you can carry in your purse or bag simply. You just add 4 to 6 drop of it in your tea. It will not only sweeten your throat but also smooth it. Now, you have to pay heed to exercise and diet.

Host:  I am sure you would have heard ‘pay it forward’ means whatever good has been happened to you, you should further it. If you are benefitted indeed then you have to carry it forward. Not only India but the entire world is engulfed in Diabetes.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: I had to use herbs as minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and herbs. I am not in favour of taking allopathic medicines as far as longtime lifestyle diseases are concerned as they harm a lot instead of doing any good. Everybody knows that there are side effects of allopathic drugs. If it recovers one thing then create another problem simultaneously.

Caller  II: I am Ram Lal Arya from Delhi. My wife has been suffering from sugar for 16 years. She has been hospitalized for many occasions. She is injecting 25 to 32 insulin now. She has started taking Diabetall and Diabetplus for 4 months. Her blood sugar levels have come into control, i.e. 120. Earlier, these surpassed 400 and remained above 300.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: It means you had to increase insulin upto 50 percent at that time. 110 or 120 units of insulin should have been injected at that time but you were ignorant. Her health is in the rage of risk where she was threatened with organ damage. But it’s thanks to god that her levels have reached to 120. You ought to discuss it with our Diabetes educator they will guide you as how you should cut your allopathic doses and hence, get off the prospective damage to her health.  

Host: Doctor, what is your source of inspiration that motivates you to do some more for welfare of the patients?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Inspiration springs out from inside. The credit goes to my subconscious mind, my instinct, my second facet,  my connectivity to god and the power blessed by god to me. It’s all because of the blessings of the patients and the pushing of god to me. I have been popular as eccentric. Whatever I have decided, I have to do it but in a correct way. So, I want to get engaged with the work and the day I will realize that I am an erudite of everything, that day will be the last day of my life. Quest for knowledge is endless and I feel that I don’t know anything even today. People say that I am walkie-talkie, encyclopedia. This is the fact.

Host: We talk to so many patients and their success stories. They tend to say that their condition was worse; they were have-nots who did not know what to do in life. Then, they watched your show which was marked as the turning point of their life. They reversed the Diabetes.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: A wise needs just an indication. There are such patients who say that we will bring patients to you. I say, “no, no, no, please don’t bring them to me who don’t want to come.” I am focused and I wish to work with those who are absolutely focused. I don’t need to look such patients whose levels are 300 and 400 and who drink alcohol, soft drink and eat chhole-bhature from vendors since these outrageous habits don’t affect them much. But later, they realize that their kidney has been malfunctioned; their vision was lost. So these all things must be understood well.  I am continuously stressing to be focused consistently. I am in your service daily. Though you will not believe but do believe that I am bringing a new thing every day for you. We are introducing bio-technology, Diabetall will be available in capsule form nearly and the results will be more effective. The work will multiply day after day.

Host: There are some misconceptions. A patient thinks that a drug kills a disease. But here, we are talking about the food supplements that ensure reversing Diabetes. It’s a holistic plan that includes exercising, right kind of food eating habits. So, I want that you should inform the audience that having food supplements is not enough but it’s a wholesome package.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: So many people are there who get benefitted by only food supplements. Some people get freedom from injecting insulin after taking just food supplements. We have already discussed about the success story of the patient. A patient who did not get Diabetplus was sent back to insulin. Afterwards, he was made exempted from insulin. My, friends, please understand this fact that Diabetes is not an infectious disease, such as flu or viral fever or bacterial infection, which is temporary. But Diabetes is not an infectious but a lifestyle disease which is related to your body. You have to undergo hardship of doing exercise and let the healing process go on internally. Subsequently, your body will improve. And when you will witness this improvement in the body then you will notice that your Diabetes has been totally reversed. Few people take that food supplements because they give them energy. I also want you to follow this program completely for best results. But if you are switching to only 50 %, i.e. intake of food supplements, then that is incomplete. I worked diligently over this program and it involves the hardwork of 13 years to develop it in the simple form of capsules, exercise, diet plan, recipes along with concentration. Please follow it.

Host: We have talked about ‘sweet joy- the natural sweetner’, Diabetplus and Diabetall. But a question strikes if these food supplements should be taken throughout life?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Look, Diabetes is a lifestyle and a progressive disease. As we have already made it clear being a progressive lifestyle disease, Diabetes can never be cured. I you switch to allopathic drug, it multiplies in number with the progression of years. One day will come when the drugs will cast no effect on your health and hence, your organ will be damaged. I don’t want that you have to amputate your toe or feet, may lose your vision, kidney may be failed and eventually, you go on dialysis. The cost incurred for the patient on dialysis is 10 to 15 thousand a day. I don’t want you to die due to heart attack and also that inflammation will increase to such extent that the proper functioning of the organ will be interrupted and you may go bed-ridden as being a have-not.                 

Host: Doctor, please give some special tips for non-diabetic patients.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: It’s a tip for the entire country. I want to recount the episode taken place in Mumbai. A restaurant in Mumbai showed its resentment on the bill that goes “UPA government thinks that eating money, i.e. 2G scam, Coalgate scam, Common Wealth Game scam, is a necessity and eating in an air-condition restaurant is a luxury. ” This statement infuriated so many leaders of congress and they gathered and chanted slogans outside the restaurant. The restaurant was closed and after some time, it was reopened. If such people are regulating our country then can’t we correct this discrepancy in governance?   We can do this only after getting organized and then only, we will tell the government that if you are not good enough then other people will take charge out of us who will tell the governments what the proper governance means.

Host: Thoughts are powerful. Right thought will lead us to victory and wrong approach may show us the path of hell. We need a guide, a philosopher and a mentor like Dr. Gaurav Sharma as he is with us. If you are a diabetic and want to know anything about Diabetall or Diabetplus then contact us.