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Diabetes and Dental Problems



Host: Diabetes is the slow poison that ends the life slowly. People believe that escaping and getting off it is impossible. But there is a person who has turned impossible into possible and he believes that diabetes can not only be controlled but also be reversed. He is India’s renowned lifestyle doctor and famous diabetologist Dr. Gaurav Sharma.

Dr. Gaurav, my close one is just 45-year-old and she is a diabetic. Her teeth have begun to fall in such an early age. This is really weird. This has not happed till yet. Is it related to diabetes?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: It is weird for you but it’s a science for me. It is called periodontal disease. A new complication is establishing in diabetes. Gums weaken and teeth begin falling. A 40-year-old person visited to me whose teeth fell down. I asked him why it has happened to you.  He answered that he did not know what to do. You should think on your own if your teeth will fall then only implant or denture is to be fixed. Due to diabetes, the aging accelerates. Aging is biological and chronological. Biological stands for the condition of your body and chronological age means what’s your age. We examined a patient who told that his age was 45 but appears of 35. His biological age is reversed by 10 years but chronological age is the same. But sexual problems also inflict him alongside to which we call diabetic cardiomyopathy.  Maximum heart patients have diabetes or may be hit by it. It’s nearly impossible to get off it. It is called a metabolic condition. It would be nearly impossible in the future to differentiate the ending of heart disease and starting diabetes.

Host: These are extremely new things which are coming in front of us. Everyone must know about it.

Caller I: I am Nirmal from Zirakpur in Mohali. I have been a diabetic for 6 years.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: What’s your age?

Caller I: I am 51-year-old.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: That means you have become a diabetic when you were 45.  That was quite earlier.

Caller I: When I got my levels examined, it was marked very high sometimes even the glucometer did not manage to register it.                                 

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: If glucometer was not able to register that indicates your level was above 550 or 600. Were you playing with your life?

Caller I: Earlier, there were some problems relating to business. Consequently, my diet was inadequate and improper. Since when I have brought your food supplements, diabetall and diabetplus, I got much relief.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Everyone faces problem in business but that does not mean the end of life. High blood sugar level causes danger. You cannot make your kins despair while sacrificing your life. Am I correct? What are your levels now?

Caller I: I have purchased glucometer of my own and have kept it at home. I check my levels daily. I follow religiously the prescribed diet and exercise every day. Now, I am nearby control of it since my level is registered 150 or 160.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Nirmal ji, do you know what safe zone is?

Caller I: That is below 120.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: The same fundamental is applicable for you as well as you don’t have any tag of VIP. So, talk to our diabetes educator; pay attention to exercise and pay heed to food. Bring your blood sugar levels below 120. Afterwards, we will begin to stop allopathic medicines. I am telling you literally that you were doing comedy with life. Once you reach to safe zone then no threat will be there to your life and your all organs will be intact. We will provide you requisite support free of cost for which you ought to talk to our diabetes educators. Or, you may talk to Shruti, the senior diabetes educator.

Host: The caller was looking satisfied while making comparisons between his levels before and after taking food supplement. He was very happy with his improvement.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Nirmal ji, your results are amazing which I did not mention earlier. But you have to go to safe zone. Introduce sweet joy with diabetall and diabetplus.    

Host: As he (caller) informed that he did not care for himself due to some distractions and hence, remained easy going. So, does stress also contribute to make you a diabetes patient?  

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: If you are ready to take stress then it is to hit you. Don’t take stress as cortisol hormone is released in our body. Thereafter, it will breakdown your muscles and will begin to convert into blood sugar level. Thence, blood sugar level must have to shoot up. When insulin does not control rising blood sugar levels, it causes organ damage and secretion of advance glycogen products. Therefore, don’t take stress as much as you can. Optimization of stress is essential. Once you optimize stress you can balance it.

Caller II: My name is Manish Sharma from Chandni Chowk, Delhi. My wife has diabetes. Earlier, there was stiffness and pain in my wife’s feet. She was very lethargy. I got her examined medically as per advice of doctor. Her blood glucose fasting was 132 and PP was 195. Since I watched your show on Aaj tak, so I placed order for your food supplements. Afterwards, her result was 110 as fasting and 114 as PP. 

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: 114! She came into safe zone.

Caller II: I examined her report today also. Her fasting was 117 and PP was 145. Her levels shoot up just because of her own mistake since she ate chocolate and sweet tea on Sunday. As doctor said, the sweetness remains in blood for 48 hours.       

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: No, this does not happen. But once shot up blood sugar levels take time to come down. It is to be taken care if your insulin is on high. As older are you as difficult it is to come down blood sugar levels. Take care of our wife. Since how long has she been a diabetic?

Caller II: She has been taking diabetplus for 6 months.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: How long it has been while taking diabetplus?

Caller II:  It has been 6 months now.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: And what is the other allopathic drug that she has been taking?

Caller II: Just one allopathic medicine is she taking.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: She should start Diabetall and start reducing the dosage of allopathic medicine. But I want to congratulate your wife. Let she eat the meal of her desire.

Caller II: I also get my blood sugar level examined today and my fasting was 111 that should be between 70 and 110 and PP was 158 that should be between 80 and 140.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: You are welcome to diabetes club.  You, also, have become a diabetic. You, both, should be cautious now.

Caller II: In which age does diabetes affect eye and kidney?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Some people complain that their level is out of limit. But if your level is registered in the range of 200 consistently for few years then damage is triggering. The reserves depend on the body of the person, are carried on till the range of 200 and 250. The structure of everybody is different. There is guarantee of one thing that keeping your fasting and PP level below 120 will avert the risk of organ damage. Enjoy your life also and bring balance in life. Being in safe zone should be your target.

Host: You ought to be in contact with diabetes educator. It would be wrong not to stay tuned with the diabetes educators having taken only the food supplements. The patients don’t understand what diet they should take. How much important is it?                                        

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Most of the patients are unknown for what to do or what not to do. Strange people guide them who think that they know everything. But we should take support of the person who has knowledge of this particular field. People tend to sell goods but we provide support only. Diabetes educators are there to provide their guidance. We want to empower you to blow the diabetes.

Host: Absolutely, that’s why I did not let you go without giving special tips to our viewers for inspiration.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: I travel across various countries and can speak variety of languages. I noticed that cancer is increasing in the world. Three methods are utilized to treat cancer, i.e. surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. But the truth is that the upcoming epidemic is ‘Cancer’ in the world. And one day I will discover the medicine of cancer as well after clinical test. Our each cell is made in the presence of oxygen and acts in the presence of oxygen. But when there is scarcity of oxygen, our aerobic cells move to anaerobic condition. It means that they change their  pathway of metabolism  to anaerobic. Lack of oxygen leads them to move on fermentation. While fermenting, they create new arteries following to angiogenesis. They begin to soak energy which are 18 times inefficient than oxygen. They need energy in abundance. When our body’s  oxygen level or cells’ cellular oxygen level, where mitochondria works, goes below 60% while some researches talk about 40 %, our cells become anaerobic from aerobic. That means normal cells convert into cancerous cells. Our body’s immune system identifies the cancerous cells and destroys them every day. We all have cancerous cells which are produced and destroyed every day by our immunity system. When our immunity does not seem capable of destroying them then our t killer cells siege them where they multiply rapidly. This is known as tumor.  That means our body isolates them amid immune response and stops them not to disperse ahead affecting other cells. But you would have seen that the patients of cancer lose their weight a lot. This happens due to suction of energy from the cells in plenty. Some of the doctors cut that tumor out of the body and think that it has been stopped spreading now. But this does not happen indeed. In many cases, biopsy is done. The needle during biopsy takes out the infected cell and those cells spread in our body. So, stay away from biopsy. Besides, we are working on the thermography by which we can identify. But it is destroyed through chemotherapy. The remaining reserves come to an end and a person dies.  That’ why, pranayam is very important for cancer patients which does oxygenation. As per important tip for cancer patients, take 2/3 cup cottage cheese and 1/3 cup flax seed oil and blend them in the blender. Then, add berries or cherries or almonds and chest nut for taste in it. Avoid roti and rice from these patients.  Take it a cup per day.