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Dr. Gaurav Sharma - Balanced Diet for Diabetics | Nutritious Food for Diabetics



Anchor: Friends, i want to ask you what do you deposite in your saving account to secure your future? Money, we all deposite money. But i am taking about securing future. If you want to secure your future, you need nutrition. You need guidance so that you can proclaim that your life is diabetes-free. If you could be able to deposite all such things in your saving account then for sure, your life is secure. If you don't know where such account is opened, let i tell you it happens here in 'Reversing Diabetes'-the scientific way and its manager to open this account is India's no.1 lifestyle doctor and famous diabetologist 'Gaurav Sharma'. You can secure your life under his vicinity abd remain happy forever. Friends, if you really want to live happily then, you just call Dr. Sharma promptly. You can mail your problems also. Let i mention you the specialty of this program that it is not a false claim but how can you protect themselves from Diabetes. Being a diabetic wold not be the matter of tension because you will start reversing your diabetes from today. You would understand the science behind it via Dr. Gaurav Sharma.(To doctor Sharma) We have already discussed about about nutritious food and balanced diet. We have already discussed about them. I, too, have confusion in my consciousness that you prohibit everything to be eaten for curing diabetes. And eventually, we fall prey to malnurition. 

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Absolutely Yogita, whatever you are telling is an absolute fact. And most of the people don't understand what is balanced and nutritious food as we have made it understood. But apart from that, we come to know that diabetics do not listen to our words and eat food concealingly. And, thus they trigger up their blood sugar level excessively over which we have paid special heed and did research to find out how can we bring tasty diet which would improve your health condition while eating it. So, don't tend to disorder your condition. I want to take you back to the foretold words that if you save for your life time then you add balance to your saving account. If you want to insure your life then you go for insurance policy that guarantees the assured help in case you would be in desperate need. But most of the people do not invest for their health since they think that we would have money to insure our health. Insurance would help you a lot during accident. The money in your saving account will help you during the days when you would have no money in your account. The period suring which your health account would be dried you may undergo severe circumstances. Thus, Improve your health via this program and drop a coin of health-tip every day those are available free to you and keep on enhancing your piggy bank. Thence, open a big health account but coming back to our point, mostly malady-stricken persons do not understand that the deficiency in their nutrition is over-compensated as drawback due to consumption of bad nutritious diet once, twice and thrice and then rush to the doctors for taking medicines. The doctor increases the number of pills consequently. Can we move out of the puzzling circle? Ofcourse, we can come out. We can tell you the correct meal to be consumed and also, how can you conceive the capacity that enable you to digest the sweet in future without worsening your diabetes. Alongside, we also  tell you to be confident as we are introducing you to knowledge or information. As i said when i would build my house i would take aid of an architect since he possesses accurate knowledge and tools to carve my dreams come true. But if i would ever try to build my house myself then it would be faulty and a complete mess. 

Host: No Doctor, mess should not be built that's why we are imparting knowledge frequently and that's why our callers are also staying tuned to us knowing what tip would the doctor give next. Let we take a call. 

Caller 1: My appetite has been increased and my weight is reducing and i do feel thirsty frequently. I go for urination more than average number of time. Legs get numb and sometimes, other health problems strike as blurred vision. Now, i want to know whether those symptoms symbolize diabetes.

Doctor: Absolutely. If you would have viewed our former episodes carefully then you would have known that we are specifically saying that the symptoms foretold are the copy-book style. Look, increase in appetite, losing weight, feeling thirsty more frequently and alongside, frequent urination are the total classic condition of Diabetes. If any of our viewers are undergoing similar conditions then check your blood sugar levels. And the foregone condition is guaranteed to be diagnosed as Diabetes. After that, address it to your doctor. Begin medication as oral hypoglycemic to bring your sugar level under control or consult our expert team, take 'Diabet Plus' and 'Diabetall' and exercise a bit. If diet-plan seems affordable to you then procure it. Your condition will improve provided that you would take the prescribed food supplements. Umar, please talk to out team and begin taking action. 

Anchor: Doctor, the symptoms told by Umar are heard many times from you. He told us the symptoms as it is that you told us. Perhaps, he is viewing our program that's why he has come to know that he is a diabetic.

Doctor: I don't think he is a regular viewer. He might have viewed our program off and on and missed the part.

Anchor: It is very good that you have asked us by virtue of symptoms. This is the point where you are told that what would be your next step. You just test what doctor recomended you and visit us with full report. 

Doctor: Well, i want to add one more thing that go for the test of HBA1 C that gives you the reading of your blood sugar level of last three months. It is a basic test and along, go for examination of Blood sugar level and fasting essentially. These are not too much expensive that cost between Rs 200 and Rs.400. This way you will come to judge how much wrosen has become your diabetes. HBA1 C test shows us the bond of sugar molecules with our haemoglobin molecules. This enables us to know to which extent our blood sugar level has been extended. 

Anchor: This is the valuable information you imparted to us. You all can call us likewise. You can know if you are a diabetic or would be it or what would be the symtoms of it or how it can be precautioned. And alonside, you can take help of our team of experts which is available round a clock in the service of yours. You can call us, mail us and ask for your personlized diet plan also. So that they can help you correctly. Doctor, another caller has been linked to us. Let we talk to him.

Caller 1: Doctor, i want to consult with you that my age is just 25 and i am appointed in a multi-national company. And i suffer from Diabetes. I have listen from others that it is a hazardous disease causing severe problems and i do not munch sweet a lot. I want to know the reason of it's cause and how did i get it and how can i get rid of it?  

Doctor: Since how long have you been suffering from diabetes? 

Caller 1: I have been a diabetic for six months. 

Doctor: If it is just 6 months then, you don't have much problem. I want to tell you that you are an adult of 32. Thus, i would call you an adolescent. Is there anyone in your family having problem of diabetes? Today's lifestyle has been completely changed and many toxins are entering into our body. Stress will be definite factor of it. Do you remain stressed in office? Stress also triggers cortisole hormone that increases our body's blood sugar level. I have seen especially that the severe condition of diabetes is reached when the cortisole increases. I suggest you to change syour lifestyle, food habits as soon as possible because we recommend you to have home made meal over office meal. You cook your food with the recipe we recommend you to develop. And alongside, pay heed to exercise as if you exercise for at least 10 to 15 minutes per day a week, it would be benficial for you and follow exercise regime for half an hour on four days a week. Besides, i recommend Diabet Plus and Diabetall to be added as you diabetes is not very old. I think your blood sugar level will come down within a week or 10 days. Afterwards, reduce  the dose of Diabetall and take two capsules of Diabet Plus twice a day. And i don't find any problem apart from. Pay attention towards your lifestyle. Eating unbalanced or non-nutritious diet may cause you sick of same disease. Anchor: I am a bit worried about those who do not follow health regime and healthy life style. 

Doctor: Lifestyle diseases would hit people mostly in the upcoming 5 to 10 years. It is my prediction. Mind it and you would surely call some day how did you know that. 

Anchor: Doctor, i think people will know everything in advance. You have researched thoroughly. The sun plays important role in all this; How do our metabolism adopt it? In proportion to that, In what manner and how much time we are sleeping?; and how long are we eating which type of  food? this would be the biggest question. The food available in offices has no quality and you will suddenly notice that the youngsters would get obese. Their young age does not notice changes what they eat. But in the coming years, the biggest epidemic is going to hit.I think the call-centre owners and authority are not understanding the severity. When that catastrophe will hit you then you would find yourself standing in the same situation as if a hippopotamus is running towards you with extreme pace and pierce through you.

Anchor: The situation will become the worst if foretold would happen. Thus, we suggest, don't think if your life is well today, then it would remain so forever and you would remain abstained from Diabetes. Frequently emphasize over the foregone matters that you should be aware of them. Howerver, they are the source of your income if you are doing job, running business and whatever you do. But first, manage your lifestyle, do exercise a bit. 

Doctor: Absolutely, do exercise a bit and there are many call-centres and gyms those follow the healthy regimen hardly, just 2 or 3 percent people are there following such healthy regimen since the rest have no one to approach and guide them how they ought to manage their shifts and how the people would get-up from their seats, relaese stress and combat it; how to motivate them to remain cheerful. Though methods are available to do so but we don't have enough time to supervise them. We want to help people.