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The ‘top astrologer’ Mr. P.K.Sarna is a ‘Vedic astrologer’ who informs that planets are linked with the activities of human beings. Respected ‘best astrologer’ Mr. P.K. Sarna further interprets that those planets shape our future too. Being a ‘Vedic astrologer’, he confirms that astrology and palmistry have all solutions relating to business, office, parlors or any other stream of business. According to the aforementioned ‘best astrologer’, sitting position and wall paintings in the office or business premises affect the financial status of a business which can be either positive or negative. The ‘top astrologer’ informs that a mole on Jupiter line of the palm is good but if it exists on the mercury line, it is normally considered as bad. The ‘top astrologer’ praises that those who owe pretty hands; they appear as ‘good orators’ or good at giving speeches as per ‘Vedic astrology’.  On the basis of ‘Vedic astrology ’, Mr. P.K. Sarna conveys that moles are of two colors, i.e. honey colored and black colored. As per the views of the ‘top astrologer’, honey colored mole is considered good at any location on palm. If it is spotted on the moon line of the girl then she will get a prosperous home and wealthy spouse. That person may be fortunate to visit a foreign land and earn well as per advice of the ‘top astrologer’.  But Vedic astrology clarifies that his education and health may get disturbed. So, be cautious about the former mentioned threats of a ‘Vedic astrologer’. As per experience of the best astrologer Mr. P.K. Sarna, the location of mole on lifeline is a real threat to your liver as a result of which food poisoning and paralysis can also attack. If the person is recruited in army or police, he may get hurt by a bullet according to the ‘top astrologer’