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Impact of Planets | Astrology & Planets



The best astrologer P.K. Sarna discloses the impact of planets on human life. The ‘top astrologer’ suggests that those planets cast their impact on our past, present and future. For instance, the sun has major impact on the earth. Astrology & planets are connected with each other.

Briefing the  impact of planets, ‘Vedic astrologer’ clarifies that at every interval of ten to eleven years, blasts take place on the surface of the sun which affect the health of human beings along with several other problems on the earth.

As per Impact of planets, the blood of male residing on the earth becomes thin than that of its usual density due to such changes on the sun. The ‘top astrologer’ shares that the moon has its greater impact on the sea which deters the stability of mind and hence, raises threat to mental condition.

According to connectivity of astrology & planets, the impact of moon goes worse than ever on full moon day and less on no moon day.