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Arthritis and Joint Pain



Arthritis and Joint Pain

Host: What is the thing that once goes and doesn’t come back? The answer is ‘time’. Time has wings. If you have arthritis or knee pain or the beginning of joint pain then the next 30 minutes can change your life that you cannot afford to let them go. We have India’s leading lifestyle doctor and sports medicine specialist Dr. Gaurav Sharma.

If you have arthritis then you can call us at the given numbers.

As we have said in introduction that we cannot afford the wastage of time. But often patients realize by the time that their problem has been turned into a disease. And a lot of time is wasted. So, how much important is the time factor for reversing a disease?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: If we understand our Indian mentality, people in Delhi or adjoining areas, especially in  north India are not aware as well as conscious. We have become firefighters. We are capable of fighting with fire but we do not implement it and let it be exaggerated. We are complacent. We don’t do anything when the progression in arthritis exceeds too much. As early you address and implement the plan which we are informing you as the result would be much better. So, don’t cover it instead reveal it. We will guide you how to douse the fire (arthritis) but also to extinguish the spark gradually.

Caller I: I am Ramesh from UP. I want to thank you as you have discovered a very good supplement. I had been suffering from arthritis for 10 years. My age is 47. I felt pain in joint along with so many other problems such as inflammation and pain . I used your supplement for 15 days. I got relief. Till how long should we take it? 

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Fantastic. You are relieved in 15 days now which we have seen in many cases that patients get relief. I want that you ought to do its prescribed course of three months. But you should repeat it essentially.  Since your age is not in 60s and 70 you may have to follow the course till 3 or 9 months or perhaps, it may extend to 1 year. But you ought to do the course of 3 months and afterwards, you may discard it. We can do regeneration a bit every year. You will see improvement in degeneration. But you have to pay attention to cycling. You are young and can do exercise.  Talk to our team and we will suggest you some exercises how to make your muscles strong. If you apply Suji oyu will get instant and great relief. It brings relief in few seconds. Perhaps, you may be dragged closer to relief. The restructuring with arthritplus will be fantastic.    

Caller I: Earlier I used to feel weakness but since I used this product my energy level has been boasted up.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: The boasting up of energy level is very fantastic thing. Many patients share that their energy level has been hiked. I want that you ought to change the life others also to dispel the grief from their life.

Host: Doctor Gaurav, it is often notice that the patients become complacent when they find relief a bit amid any treatment while discarding it in the middle.  And when the pain begins to shoot again then they call you again.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: It’s a common sense. If you get relief then you ought to take it essential. And if you need, do its complete course for 3 months at least. You have to carry this prescription for long. If you find some relief via anything then you have to take it. Since restructuring needs time as the formation of bones takes a long time and if we are restructuring at localized point then it’s a great achievement for us. Alongside, we are reducing degeneration which is unbelievable. You can change your life after taking it at least for 15 days and take it till you need.

Host: I have seen many patients of arthritis. And the doctor has suggested knee replacement. But when they take resort of arthritplus and hence, reversed their arthritis. How can it be happened that the food supplement replaces knee surgery?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: When I used to treat the arthritis patients, I did not rely on pain killer. I even suggest them to emphasize on exercise and food. Then, we noticed improvement in their condition while using glucosamine glycosaminoglycan kind of food supplements.  But the improvement was very mediocre. We went on the quest for the product which can reverse your osteoarthritis. We did not let those patients go for surgery. All orthopedic surgeons, who do not know how to manage it, recommend surgery. Unfortunately, they send them to physiotherapists who are not certified doctors but paramedics, such as nurse and dietician. Although they do commendable job but they are not doctors indeed since they have neither medical education nor analytical sense.  Unfortunately, the sports medicine specialist is very few in number in our country. He treats like a physician but not like a surgeon. Then only, such physicians bring good results. We arthritplus today and we suggest them exercises. You have to focus on the exercises meant for strengthening of quadriceps. Alongside, we provide nutrients for reducing inflammation in the body.

Caller II: I am Anita speaking from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. I have arthritis and I have been ordering arthritplus from you. My knee, joints of fingers and ankle ache severely and going upstair causes abrasion that produces sound as well. However, there is quite relief but I wish to recover from it completely. 

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Did you visit any orthopedic surgeon who is the doctor of bones?

Caller II: Sir, I have osteoarthritis.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Yes, I know. How many doctors do you consult and what did they tell as if it is Grade 1 or 2 or 3? Are you at the stage where they recommended surgery? What did they tell you?

Caller II: No, no suggestion for surgery was given.  They told me that your bones are abraded a bit. When you feel pain then you can have pain killers.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: And you know it that painkiller is not a solution and your bones have come closer. Your arthritis has progressed a lot and your cartilage is ended. Your condition is very severe. I recommend you to take it for at least 6 months. What’s your age?

Caller II: Sir, 46. You ought to have it for at least 6 months. Can you do cycling? If it is not available then fix a stationary cycle so that you can strengthen the muscle supporting knee called ‘quadriceps ’. Alongside, you ought to talk to our team and ask for exercise plan as well as introduce Sujis which is a spray capable in removing pain within seconds. But reconstruction is requisite internally as well as externally. Take arthritplus for 6 to 9 months; do cycling and ask for exercise to bring relief to your knees and for strengthening your muscles.

Caller II: Sir, should I go for morning walk?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: In place of morning walk, you ought to do cycling. The problem is that your joints have degeneration. If you will go on walk that will rub your bones in place of rest and repair then cycling is best exercise for you. So, don’t go on walk and pay attention to cycling and when your condition will be improved then only go for walk. Walk is not good for you as it will cause abrasion and thus, degeneration.         

Caller II: I feel pain while bending knee.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Absolutely, your problem has been exaggerated very much to degeneration in very small age of 46. As I recommended please follow those.

Host: Sujis is an innovation and a new product has been launched. If you want to have it, just call us. Please adopt all recommendations of Dr. Gaurav Sharma. I am sure your condition will be improved in the upcoming 6 to 9 months. As you said, we have to strengthen our quadriceps via cycling. But what will be the effect of muscle strengthening?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: The main function of quadriceps is weight bearing. And our joint gives range of motion so that we can do movement. If we might have no joints then perhaps, we would have been as erected as a bamboo stick or plywood.  Joints give us versatility and make us capable for doing work. Bearing our weight is not the function of our joints. When our muscles become weak then our bones endure load that causes degeneration. It enhances by the age. And our strong muscles deload the weight from muscles and hence, 50 % problem settles down. Alongside, if we take nutrients for regeneration then our body gains reconstruction and range of motion increases; mobility enhances and we become capable for doing work. You gain confidence and thereby, become productive.

Host: Arthritis is the disease of abrasion of cartilage that lies in the joints. Cartilage is present in our knees, fingers and toes. Are there other parts too where cartilage is found?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Absolutely. The crunchy part of the joint in the chicken is called cartilage. Every living being has cartilage in their joints which gives us pushing effect above them.  When this cartilage is abraded then it increases our problems. If you take arthritplus regularly then your condition improves.

Host: What ingredients does this arthritplus have that regenerate cartilage? From where does it regenerate?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: It has ingredients like chondroitin, glucosamine which are very important.. The copycats are so many of it who cause problems. We also used green cell muscle which we import from New Zealand. We have used hyaluronic acid that we import from Germany. We used the foretold ingredients primarily for regeneration. We concentrated on inflammation for treating which we used Salaki Guggal and boswellic acid. Then, we introduced Acetyl-11-alphaketo-beta boswellic acid or AKBA which is the most effective quality of boswellic acid.        We have searched on turmeric and pine-apple’s bromilain which is anti-inflammatory enzyme. We have filed for 2 patents since we have very unique technology. You can have these all ingredients in concentrated form in arthritplus. By taking it in 40s, it will be a great prevention. I found suppleness in my muscles, enhanced mobility in my joints. I noticed improvement in my running capabilities. My Excessive Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption or EPOCH improved. What I noticed is that the cuts those appear after shave and bruises have been nearly disappeared since Omega 3 has done a good job for inducing softness not only in skin but in muscles and joints as well.

Caller III: My name is Sarita and I am speaking from Delhi. I had cervical problem and had severe pain in my shoulders. I got much relief in this pain and my pain killers have been reduced after taking your food supplement.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: How long it has been since you started it?

Caller III: It has been around a month or 35 days.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: It’s good. So many arthritis and spondylitis visit to me. But I was not able to do much.  You ought to do exercise for neck and isometric.

Caller III: I had temporary relief in pain via pain killers. But I did not get complete relief in pain. I have relief now. I want to know that I have started the medicine of diabetes, i.e. diabetplus, for my mother. She is complaining of drowsiness. In the morning, she was feeling very low.           

Dr. Gaurav Sharma:  I want to say you one thing that you have to check the blood sugar level of your mother. The chances are that she is in hypoglycemia. Her blood sugar level has been dipped superfluously and it leads to risk. If you don’t have glucometer then buy it and immediately check her blood sugar level. Most probably, she is entering into hypoglycemia which can be life threatening condition. At this stage, you have to introduce diabetplus and reduce other hypoglycemic medicines. As you reduce them you will tell if feeling energetic or not and keep the level between 120 and 170. First of all, you have to reduce the allopathic medicine. If her blood sugar level has shot high then there is a risk of low blood sugar level. So, you check her blood sugar level. You ought to use Sujis for neck pain but arthritplus is to be given the period of at least one year. If osteophytes are formed with cervical problem that means it tricks muscles and traumatizes it. Introduce Sujis  and the exercises for your neck should be continued. It soothes in the inflammation with easiness. It is just a spray so spray and rub it at the aching area. Then, wash your hand instantly since it has herbs in concentrated form. 

I want to share one thing with my viewers, especially of osteoarthritis and some come with complaints while some come in critical condition. It becomes very difficult to handle this situation. Some doctors recommend knee replacement worth Rs 6 lakh and passive movement comes. Severe pain shoots. Physiotherapist will conduct his session for one month. So, you ought to do exercise, introduce arthritplus and keep positive approach. Apply sujis and of course, if you get relief from severe pain. Introduce these things in your life as soon as possible.