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Acupressure & Reiki for Weight Loss



Acupressure for weight loss can help in reducing weight. 'Weight loss kit' is specifically devised to be used for sheding it.

Under Reiki for weight loss, crystals are availed to you along with weight loss kit. The balancing of solar plexus chakra and root chakra is done to melt the excessively accumulated fats inside the body. Thereby, all toxins are removed under reiki for weight loss.

You ought to paste a magnet of sedation on the both middle fingers' bottom joint at the back of your palms as per acupressure for weight loss. Then, you have to rotate the ball between your palms for improving the functioning of the liver.

Under reiki for weight losssolar plexus chakra is energised.This way digestive tract's functioning gets improved gradually. This will remove the extra fats from your body wherever it would be accumulated.

Acupressure & reiki for weight loss recommend paying attention towards diet and avoiding ecessive intake of fried & raw food items such as Parantha and Salad. Keeping your diet normal will help you to reduce the weight to certain extent show miraculous result under acupressure & reiki for weight loss.