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Acupressure for Loose motion



The scale of joy and sorrow is spontaneous to incline on either side and human heart always tends to grab the happiness and joy for forever. It can be possible through acupressure. Hypnosis is a science of taking an individual or to own in the transendental world of meditation. When you go into profound meditation mode, your mind waves slow down as per scientifically proven fact. The programming did during such state stays tuned-in for always. Achievement of all the goals and targets is possible, such as enhancing memory, physical stamina or for improving concentration, via hypno-therapy. Any kind of fear or phobia such as stage-phobia or animal-phobia etc. can be combated through this therapy. A person is made enter into trans for elimination of abided phobia or fear.

Mind programming works on two levels. The first is done in meditative state and the second,in awakened state. Programming can be positive and negative as well. The frequent recalling of a particular talk or thought triggers down the secretion of hormones from pituitary and peneal glands which cast harmful effect on the body as shooting pain in legs that will become the root cause of prospective health problems. So, better it would be to set positive programmes in your mind. Hence, mind programming is responsible for inducing negative and positive experiences in life. Negative mind programming is reprogrammed as positive through reiki therapy in which few crystals are energized. Positive programs are fed in the crystals during stimulation. The work of energized crystal is to change the programming of sub-conscious mind. The simplest way of treating navel displacement is through acupressure therapy. Central point of the right palm is assumed to be navel which is to be stimulated for 3 to 5 minutes using acupressure machine. As a result, the navel will automatically come to the centre position. Following to it, five magnets are stuck to the stimulated point in order to avoid further navel displacement. Your digestion will remain fine if your navel is at its perfect place. Scientifically, it has been proven that 'Acupressure' is extremely beneficial in treating meager health problems to cancer like threatening health issue. A navel can be displaced in eight directions, i.e. above, below, left, right or diagonally. Right shoulder and leg will ache if it is displaced below in the left; if navel displaces below then heart related problems begin to shoot alongwith loose motions. The problem of 'Loose motion' has been troubling for long time and the stool appears loose or deformed then, the cause may be defective digestive sysytem. Under Acupressure for loose motion, ten points on the hands are activated through acupressure machine; afterwards, small magnets are pasted there for treating motion related problems. Otherwise, your body will lack energy and thus, will become weak. Stimulation under acupressure for loose motion should be given on either palm for 3 minutes to treat navel displacement while following the guidelines laid in the chart or CD.

While doing Acupressure for loose motion, Left small finger represents small intestine while right small finger symbolizes large intestine. For curing severe constipation, massage the upper part of the right small finger and alongside, mark with red colour or methi ring around the upper joint of the left small finger.

In reiki, weakness of solar plexus and sacral chakra causes constipation. Suffering from constipation for long time leads to ulcer. Late motion produces acids as the stool keeps on staling by the day destroying the cells inside.Study under acupressure for loose motion points that digestive disorder is the pre-stage of cancer or diabetes. To overcome any digestion related problem, yin and yang (representing north and south polarity) are made balanced by gulping magnetically charged water of 7 crystals. These symbolize 7 chakras of the body. While balancing 7 chakras of the body, the charged water will work as an elixir balancing all disorders generated in our body fluid causing disease. Besides, mind programming should also be done while undergoing any therapy for getting sureshot result.