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Acupressure And Reiki for Fallopian tube block



Diseases outburst due to imbalance of polarity and five elements in human body. Magnets are used to maintain such balance in acupressure therapy. Cosmic energy in our surrounding helps in curing any disease via activation of seven chakras as per reiki. Each chakra has been assigned its own colour to energize it positively for healing and mind programming. Reiki crystals are utilized as they radiate positive energy frequently.  

Blocked fallopian tube can be treated via acupressure therapy for sure. Activate the adjoining region between right middle and ring finger that represents reproductory system on your palm by acupressure machine. Stick acupressure magnet representing south pole in middle and north pole surrounding it to remove clog and apply methi ring around nebru joint or right small finger's last joint to stimulate till 3 to 5 minutes.

Heal sacral chakra located at back for balancing yang or in front for maintaining yin to remove clog in fallopian tube by using orange crystal through reiki.

You can consume charged water by yellow, red and orange crystals of reiki.

Reiki and acupressure are complete therapies. Both therapies bring immediate relief. 

Height can be gained by exerting pressure on 10 vital points on your palm via acupressure so that pituitary gland can secrete hormones to trigger height.

Mool-adhar chakra, sacral chakra and third  eye chakra are to be energized for triggering height via reiki.

Mind programming and hypnotherapy can contribute to get fast result. Polycystic ovaries is caused due to hormonal imbalance which needs your sacral chakra to be energized using orange crystal for 10 to 15 minutes via reiki. Or, you can stimulate left ring finger (right)and middle finger (left side)using acupressure machine. Further, apply magnets there.

In acupressure, index finger signifies hands while middle finger represents legs. The 3 joints of index finger are assumed as shoulder, elbow and wrist whereas 3 joints  of middle finger are supposed to be hip, knee and ankle joint. Induce pressure as per acupressure on the respective joints of the same sided fingers from which side the pain is shooting.