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If you want Mr. Naresh Singal to do a workshop in your society, he’ll do it for free only on one condition that there should be minimum 60 people for whom workshop is to be conducted. The reason why he would do the workshop for free is that he’ll be doing this workshop for those who don’t have knowledge about vastu, who don’t believe in vastu and those who can’t afford to consult a vastu expert. This gives peace to Mr. Singal as he’s doing something for the society. This also gives him recognition and sometimes commercial benefit too. You must consult an astrologer or a vastu consultant if you are not able to keep money in your hands. The reason can be then improper planning or some bad habit that you are having. The best direction for making a shop is west. The stock should not be stored in north-east or north. Even the sitting place of the staff should be according to vastu. The worker of the shop should not sit in south-west, south or west. People in UAE can also listen to Mr. Naresh Singal on FM radio.